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六年级下册(三年级 起点)


一、 听录音,选出你所听到的单词、短语,把字母编号填在括号里。一遍

( A )1. A.trumpet B.enjoy C. wrong ( B ) 2. noodles B. much C. meal ( C )3. A.waitress B.waiter C. loudly ( A )4. meat B.tea C. three ( C )5. A. dollar B.card C. doorbell

( B )6. A.get on B. get off C. drive the bus

( A )7. A.play the trumpet B.play the piano C. play the fiute

( C )8. A.pick up the apples B.pick up the children C. pick up

( B )9. A. help me B.help us C. help her

( A )10. A.play baseball B. baseball cap C. baseball team

二、听录音,判断句子的对错,打“√”或“ × ”。每小题两遍。

( √ )1. Am y went to see animals last weekend.

( × )2、Amy likes animals.

( √ )3. Amy's mum went shopping.

( × )4、Amy's dad read some magazines. ( × )5、Amy's family had a good time last weekend.


1.She is reading a book, but the ____ phone _____ is _____ ringing ____. 2.I am watching TV, but the ____ doorbell _____ is ringing.

3.It is _____ getting ____ very dark, and I am going to go ____ home._____. 4.I _____ wake ____ up from my dream. 5.Ben is playing the _________ 四.、听录音,选择正确的答案。每小题两遍。 ( B )1.What ______ he is!

A. a lovely boy B. a polite boy C a handsome boy

( B )2.I’m thirsty. Please give me _________.

A.a cup of tea B. a glass of water C. a glass of juice

( C )3.Be careful! There’s a rabbit_________.

A. on the wall B. near the bed C. on the floor

( A )4.It’s going to _________ in Beijing.

A.snow B. rain C. hot

( C )5. I’m going to _________.

A. play chess B. play football C. watch TV



1.clean(现在分词)_________ 2.buy(过去式)_________ 3.drink(过去式)_________ 3.get(现在分词)_________ 5.fly(三单形式)_________ 6.rain(形容词)_________

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7.here(同音词)_______________ 8. loud(副词)____________ 9.shine(现在分词 )____________ 10.sunny(名词)_______________ 六.英汉互译。

1.热狗_________ 2.在树下_________ 3.在火车上_________ 4.打棒球__________________ 5.野餐__________________ 6.飘走_____________________ 7.吹小号______________________ 8.小心________________ 9. 进来 ______________________ 10.拾起来___________________- 七.单项选择。

( )1. –What’s he doing?

-He is ______ a bike. A. ride B. riding C. to ride ( )2.The meat is five _________. A.doller B.dollars C.cent ( )3.-Who can help me?

-_________ A. I am busy. B.I want to help you. C.Sorry, I can’t.

A sleeping B is sleeping C sleep ( )9.Mum ,can you buy a doll _______me?

A at B in C for

( )10.The book _______-interesting.A look B looking C looks 八.、用所给动词的适当形式填空。

1.Look! The duck_______________(eat) our picnic. 2.I ________(have) a very funny day last Saturday. 3.It’s going to _________(rain)in Haibin. 4.The ducks are very _________(noise). 5.Is it ________(real) a dog?


Last Sunday, Mike was very happy. In the morning. He went to a park with his friend. They played football. Mike’s team won the game, they were excited. Then they went swimming together. In the afternoon, Mike did his homework and read a book. In the evening, he felt a little tired, so he went to bed early.

( )1.Mike went to a park with his friend last Saturday. ( )2.They were excited at winning the game. ( )3.Mike didn’t go swimming with his friend. ( )4.Mike did his homework in the afternoon. ( )5.Mike went to bed late in the evening.

( )4.Let’s__________to school together.

A.walks B.walking C.walk ( )5.I will give this book __________you. A.to B.of C.for

( ) 6.Last week I _______to Hainan. A went B go C was ( ) 7. It’s going to be_________in Beijing.

A snow B hot C rain ( ) 8.A dog _____under that tree.

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一、1.trumpet 2.much 3.loudly 4.meat 5.doorbell 6.get off 7.play the trumpet 8.pick up 9.help us 10.play baseball

二、1. Am y went to see animals last weekend. 2. Amy likes fruits.

3. Amy's mum went shopping. 4. Amy's mum read some magazines. 5. Amy's family have a good time.

三、1.She is reading a book, but the phone is ringing. 2.I am watching TV, but the doorbell is ringing.. 3.It is getting very dark, and I am going to go home. 4.I wake up from my dream.

四.、1.What a polite boy he is! 2.I’m thirsty.Please give me a glass of water.

3.Be careful! There’s a rabbit on the floor. 4.It’s going to snow in Beijing.

5.I’m going to watch TV.

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