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国少Everyday English汇总1-6册

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欢乐堡英语培训学校 教研培训中心(少儿部)

《洪恩国际少儿英语》Everyday English汇总 第一册

Nice to meet you.

Stand up. Sit down.

Shake hands.

Make a wish!

What color is it? Thank you. You are welcome.

Hurry up!

Let’s go!

Me too.


Come in, please.

Sorry, I’m late.

Come on.

May I go to the bathroom?

Wait a minute. Well done!

Sounds fun!

Quiet please!

That’s all for today.


See you tomorrow.

It’s delicious!

This is fun!

Wow! That’s cool.

I can do that.

Look at this. You are amazing!

I love English!

Time’s running out!

Let me see.



欢乐堡英语培训学校 教研培训中心(少儿部)

Long time no see. How’s the weather? Let’s get out of here! That’s too big.

What do you like? It’s time to go.

Let’s celebrate!

You look great.

Are we there yet? Wake up!


Let’s go upstairs. Try this.

That’s mine.

That was fun!

Where are you going? That’s weird.

Can I have some more? It’s too hot!

Let me see. Want to play?


He’s my hero!

Here we go!

Let’s have a party. Have a nice day!

Keep in touch!

I don’t think so.

That smells good! Get well soon!

You are the best! Sweet dreams!


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