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居住在··· 以竹子为食 世界上

在海洋里 变得更脏 中国西南部 中国的南部 给某人快乐

对···有必要 用···装满

与···分享··· 赖以生存的陆地越来越少 我的疑惑:







Step 3达标训练

( )1.All animals need _______ water.

A.little B.many C.lot of D.plenty of

( )2.—You are standing too near to the TV. Can you move a bit _______?

—OK, Mom. Is it all right here?

A.faster B.slower C.farther D.nearer

( )3.—Did you have breakfast this morning?

—No, I got up late and went to school _______ breakfast.

A.for B.in C.without D.after

( )4.Your classroom is so dirty. Everyone should keep it _______.

A.dry B.open C.quiet D.clean

( )5.There were _______ animals in the forest many years ago.

A.thousand of B.thousands of

C.three thousand of D.three thousands of

( )6.—Wow, your school is great!

—It is _______ school in the city.

A.much more beautiful B.much beautiful

C.the most beautiful D.beautiful

( )7.Blue whales are the largest and heaviest animals in the world, but they

_______ the smallest sea animals.

A.feed in B.live in C.feed on D.fed on

( )8.—Zhou Fang, can you finish your homework better with _______ time?

—I think I can.

A.few B.fewer C.little D.less

( )9.As we know, water is very important _______ us.

A.of B.to C.on D.with

( )10.Look! There is a rabbit, two _______ and two _______ in the picture.

A.cows; sheeps B.mice; tiger C.gooses; snakes D.foxes; wolves

and cleaner. They can also help to the weather. They provide(提供) humans with food,, medicine and other things. Because of the trees, many animals can live the earth. But people often cut trees down in large numbers. The forests are becoming much than before, so we should protect them well.

1._______ 2._______ 3._______ 4._______ 5._______

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