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Last week, my _______________daughter, Sally,____________to a children’s party. I decided to take her by train. Sally was very ______ because she had never traveled on a train before. She sat near the window and asked questions about everything she saw.

Suddenly, a __________ lady ______ the train and sat ________ Sally.

‘Hello, little girl,’ she said.

Sally did not answer, but looked at her _______ .

The lady ________________ a blue coat and a large, _____ hat.

After the train had left the station,

the lady opened her handbag and took out her ______ _______ .

She then began to ___________ her face.

‘Why are you doing that?’ Sally asked.

‘To make myself beautiful,’ the lady answered.

She put away her _______ and smiled ______.

‘But you are still ______ ,’ Sally said.

Sally was ______ , but I was very ___________!

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