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一、 根据汉意写出下列单词 (15分)

写字板-- 电脑-- 讲桌-- 灯-- 图画-- 电扇-- 地板-- 墙--

二、 选择正确答案(15分)

( )1.Is this the washroom? ______________

A.Yes, it is. B.No, it is. C.No, it isn’t.

( )2. The library is on the ______ floor.

A.one B.two C.second

( )3.Let’s go and _______

A.have look B.have a look C.look at

( )4. Do you have lunch ____ school?

A.in B.at C.on

( )5. How many ______ are there in your school?

A.student B.students C.studentes

( )6._____ way, please.

A. This B.That C. This is

( )7.Welcome _____ our school!

A.on B.in C.to

( )8.We draw pictures in the _____

A.music room B.art room C.canteen

( )9.We can read books in the ______.

A.library B.TV room C.gym

( )10.This is my desk. That is ______ desk.

A.your B.you C.I


( )1.Go to the teacher’s office. A.Water the flowers.

( )2. Go to the canteen. B. Eat some noodles.

( )3. Go to the library. C.Play football.

( )4. Go to the playground. D.Read a story-book.

( )5. Go to the garden. E.Hand in the homework.


( )1.Where is the gym? A.Oh. It’sbeautiful.

( )2.Is this the playground? B.Yes, I do.

( )3.Do you have a library? C.It’s on the first floor.

( )4.How many desks are there in your classroom? D.No, it isn’t.

( )5.Look! This is our garden. E.There are forty-four.


1、 This computer my is .


2 teacher’s Is desk this a ?


3、 it Yes is ,


4、 the is library That .


5、 on It’s first the floor .


六、阅读理解,从AB两个句子中,选择合适的选项,将其编号写在题前括号里。 Welcome to my school. There are 30 classrooms in my school. Look, this is a big playground . In this building(大楼), you can see the gym, the library and the art room are on the first floor. There are many story-books and picture books in the library. You can read books in it. My classroom is on the second floor. It’s big and clean. I like it.

( )1、There are classrooms in my school.

A、thirty B、thirteen

( )2、The playground is .

A、small B、big

( )3、The library is on the floor.

A、first B、second

( )4、My classroom is

A、clean B、small

( )5、I my school.

A、don’t like B、like

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