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一、 将下列单词补充完整,并选择相应的汉语意思(10分) ( ) 1. ___urt A. 高兴地

( ) 2. t__th__che B. 疲劳的;累的 ( ) 3. matt__ __ C. 疼痛

( ) 4. __now D. 牙疼

( ) 5. t__ __ed E. 兴奋的

( ) 6. e__e__ted F. 忧愁的;悲伤的 ( ) 7. __n__r G. 知道

( ) 8. h__app__ H. 无聊的,烦人的 ( ) 9. b__ __ed I. 事情;麻烦

( ) 10. s__d J. 生气的;愤怒的

二、 根据图意,选择正确的答案(15分)

( )1. What’s the matter with john?

A. He has a cold.

B. He has a toothache.

C. His arm hurts.

( )2. What’s the matter with john?

A. He has a cold.

B. He has a toothache.

C. His arm hurts.

( )3. What’s the matter with the boy?

A. He is tired.

B. He is bored.

C. He has a fever.

( )4. How does the girl feel?

A. She is happy..

B. She is tired.

C. She looks sad.

( )5. How does the boy feel?

A. He is very sad.

B. He is very angry.

C. He is very happy.


1. I’m very__________. My mother is going to buy me a new pencil-box.

2. I’m very________. I failed my Chinese test. 3. The ball flies to my face! I’m a little________.

4. I’m very________. I help my mother all day.


A: I’m sorry to h_4_ that. Now open your mouth and say”Ah”, please.well, you’ve got

in bed for a few days. Don’t foret to d_A

Tom is seven. He goes to school every day. The school is near his home. So he goes to school on foot and comes back home on time(准时). But today he goes home late. His mother asks him, "Why are you late today?" "I was in the teachers' office." "Why did you go to the teachers' office?" "Because my teacher asked us a question in class, and nobody(没有人) could answer it, but me.

"It's good to answer the teacher's questions."

"But the question was ‘Who put the ink(墨水) on my chair?’."

( ) 1. Tom lives near his school.

( ) 2. He goes to school and comes back home by bike every day.

( ) 3. Today Tom goes to school late.

( ) 4. Tom put some ink on the teacher's chair

( ) 5. Tom is very naughty(淘气的).


How are you? I am fine at school. Tomorrow is National Day. We don’t have to go to school. I am going to take a trip with my friends in the morning. I am going to Zhongshan Park. I am going there by bike. It’s near our school. In the afternoon, I am going to the bookstore and buy some new books. In the evening, I am going to watch TV. What are you going to do tomorrow? Can you tell me?

Your son.


( ) 1. What’s the date tomorrow?

A. Oct. 1st B. Nov. 1st C. May. 1st

( ) 2. Where is Tom going on National Day morning?

A. the bookstore B. Zhongshan Park C. the school

( ) 3. How is Tom going to the park?

A. ride a bike B. on foot C. by subway

( ) 4. Is the park far from Tom’s school?

A. Yes, it is . B. No, it isn’t. C. No, it is.

( ) 5. What is Tom going to do in the bookstore?

A. buy some new books B. take a trip C. buy a pair of shoes


I'm Jack. I'm very happy every holiday. I usually go to the library. Sometimes I go to the park .The library is not far .I usually go on foot. I walk straight for fifteen minutes. Then I turn left, the library is on the right. The park is very far. It's near the post office. I often get there by the No.206 bus, get off at the post office. It's easy to find it.

( ) 1. The library is hard to find.

( ) 2. I usually go to the library on foot.

( ) 3. Jack usually goes to the park on holidays.

( ) 4. I go to the park by bus.

( ) 5. The park is far from the post office.


1、 is where please the hospital


2、 next to It’s post office the


3、 far it from here is


4、minutes for go straight three


5、can get to how I hospital the

_____________________________________________ 按要求写句子。

1. This is my dish.(改为复数句)


3. like China. (改为一般疑问句)

4. This is our bus driver. (改为否定句)



1.man(复数 2.let’s(完全形式3.family(复数 4.drive(名词5.soft(副词 6.I(宾格

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