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班级 :______ 姓名:______ 分数:_____


1 This kind of T-shirt looks___and sell__

A. nice,good B.well.well. C.nice,well. D.good ,nice.

2.You failed for the first time ,why not try ___ second time?

A. a B. an C.the D \

3.The teacher regards the boy ___ his son.

A.as B.about C.by. D.to.

4.I bought a pet yesterday,but I don't know how to ___ it.

A.look after B.look up. C.look for D.look out.

5.We had to __ our discussion because one of us suddenly got ill .

A.take off B.turn off C. break off.

6.When she was young ,she used ___ the villion.

A.playing B,play C,played D,to paly.

7,Jack is good at swimming ,He is __ the swim team.

A.at B.on C,of D,with.

8.Tina isn’t so quiet as she___ .She is quiet outgoing.

A.did B.used to C.would D.used to be.

9.This kind of paper ___ soft.

A.feels B tastes C.smells D.sounds.

10.Let’s make it __ half past eight ___the morning of July 21.

A.at ,in B.\ on C. \ in D.at, on

11.Which of the following is a kind of insect?

A.snake B.monkey C.panada D.spider

12.It ___ that he has been ill for a long time.

A.looks B.seems C.looks as if D.smells.

13.If you don't visit the zoo next week, ____.

A .so does he B. so will he

C.neither does he D.neither will he

14.Do you know that the population of China is much larger than ___ of Japan?

A.it B.this C. that D.those

15.The old man is living____ ,but he doesn't feel___.

A.lonely alone B alone lonely

C.alone alone D.lonely lonely

16.Only by studying hard __ improve her English soon.

A.she can B.she did C.can she D. did she .

17.He didn't go to bed __ 11 o'clock last night.

A.before B.after C.but D.untill

18.I’m going to a job interview .I feel a little ___.

A. comfortable B.nervous C.excited.

19.He’s never been to Beijing ,___ he?

A. isn’t B. is C. has D. does.

20. If I __ you ,I’d wear a shirt and tie .

A .am B. was C.were D. are.

二. 完形填空。

Dear Mr Zhu,

I read your magazine every month. I your cloumn(栏目) “Teenagers Now” a lot . I am almost 17, and have some problems at home .They are always troubling me. I hope you can help .

The problems is my .Whenever I want to do something or tell him my idea, he doesn’t listen to me at all.Whenever I try to talk to him, the two of us He and my mother always me do things I don’t like, such as the piano and learning Japanese.Then, when I have some free time and want to be alone .they are not happy.

My father gets very when I listen to music. Also, every time I watch a or tells me to spend more time studying .He stopped me from getting on the Internet.

I love him a lot ,but I don’t understand why he always says“”to the things I want to do. He was once a young person as I 10 now. Don’t you think so?

Yours truly,

Liu Wei

( )21A.write B.love C.hate D.make

( )22.A.father B.mother C.friend D.teacher

( )23.A.smile B.laugh C.sing D.quarrel

( )24.A.allow B.make C.want D.ask

( )25.A.playing B.buying C.mending D.borrowing

( )26.A.glad B.angry C.strange D. surprised

( )27.A.bed B.shop C.home D. hospital

( )28.A.hardly B.never C. already D.even

( )29.A.OK B.Yes C.No D.Good

( )30.A.was B.were C.am D.will 三.阅读理解(30分) ( A )

Americans are very direct people. When they want something they say “yes” and when they don’t they say “no”. If they want something different from what is given, they ask for it. Here’s an example. I arrive at someone’s house and he gives me wine, I don’t want wine. Maybe I don’t like it or maybe I just don’t want it. I will say “No, thanks.” If everyone around me is drinking something, I would ask for something else, “No, thanks. But I’ll take a bit of tea if you have some.” If I really want wine, I just say, “Yes, thank you.” Unless they happen to know the Chinese customs, westerners will not ask you again and again after you have said you don’t want it.

31. If Americans want something, they would say “________”.

A. Yes, thank you. B. No, thanks.

C. No, I’m sorry. D. Yes, why not.

32. When Americans do not want what is given, they would say “__???_____”.

A. No, I don’t. B. No, thanks.

C. Yes, thank you. D. No, I’m sorry.

33. In this passage, “westerners” means .

A. the people who live in the west of their country

B. the visitors who go to the Western countries

C. the people who live in the Western countries

D. the people who know the customs of the West

34. The Chinese people might ______ if you don’t want something given.

A. be glad B. say “thank you”

C. get angry D. ask you again to take it

35. From this passage we know that .

A. the Chinese people are direct B. the Chinese customs are better

C. the westerners are more polite

D. different countries have different customs

( B )

A great French writer has said that we should help everyone as much as we can because we often need help ourselves. The small even can help the great. About this, he told the following story.

An ant was drinking at a small river and fell in. she tried her best to reach the side, but she couldn't move at all. The poor ant got too tired but was still doing her best when a big bird saw her. With a pity, the bird threw a piece of wood. With it the ant reached the bank again. While she was resting and drying herself in grass she heard a man coming up. He was walking without shoes on his feet and carrying a gun in his hand. As soon as he saw the bird, he wished to kill her, and he would certainly do so, but the ant bit(咬) him in one of his feet and at that moment the bird flew away at once. It was an animal much weaker and smaller than the bird herself that had saved her life.

36. According to the French writer, we often need help from others, so we should _____.

A. help others as much as we can

B. help the people who may be useful to us

C. get as much help as we can D. first need to help ourselves

37. Why could the bird fly away at once?

A. Because the bird could fly very fast.

B. Because the man hurt his feet himself.

C. Because the man didn't want to kill her.

D. Because the ant bit the man in one of his feet.

38. An ant fell in the river and could not reach the side because _____.

A. she didn't try to B. she wanted to swim in the river

C. she didn't cry for help D. she wasn't able to move in the water

39. The writer tells this story to show _____.

A. how brave the bird is B. even the small can help the great

C. how an ant saved a bird D. how clever the ant is

40. The title of this story can be "_____".

A. The Ant B. Pity C. Help D. The Bird

Yao Ming was born in China in 1980. In his last season with the Shanghai Sharks, he scored 32.4 points per game. Now the big man from China is helping the Houston Rockets in the NBA. He is the son of two great basketball players and learnt how to

play basketball when he was young. Now, as one of the stars in the NBA, he is working hard to make his dream come true and show the world that Chinese basketball players love this game too!

Pele was a football player that everyone knew. He was born in Brazil(巴西) in 1940. he started playing for Santos when he was only 16 and he didn't retire(退役) until 1977. he played for Brazil 111 times and he scored 97 international goals. Pele came from a poor family. He started playing football n the street, like many people around the world do. He was soon picked to play for Santos and quickly became an international person.

Steffi Graf was born in Germany in 1969. she won the tennis semi-final(半决赛) at Wimbledon in 1985 when she was only 16, but she lost the final to another great tennis player, Martina Navratilova. People were surprised by the strength and power of her game. She soon became a famous tennis player and she has won most of the main matches several times.

41. In the passage, _____ is the youngest play.

A. Pele B. Yao Ming C. Steffi Graf D. Martina Navratilova

42. _____ comes from the South America and is very famous all over the world.

A. Pele B. Yao Ming C. Steffi Graf D. No on 43. In which year did Pele start playing for Santos?

A. In 1940 B. In 1956 C. In 1969 D. In 1977

44 .From the passage, we know that _____. A. Stefffi Graf was born in Wimbledon in 1985

B. Steffi Graf won the tennis final when she was only 16.

C. Martina Navratilova was also a tennis player

D. Steffi Graf has won few of the main matches since 1985

45. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. Yao Ming is on the Houston Rockets now.

B. Pele became famous soon after he was picked to play for Santos.

C. Steffi Graf was a famous tennis player.

D. Martina Navratilova lost the tennis final at Wimbledon in 1985.


47. is the mother of success.

48.His pet dog’s 49We must the school rules.

50.You should pay more to your pronunciation.

51.Students should be allowed to get their ears .

52.You mustn’t take away anything from here without .

of it.


54.He seems to have many friends.(同义句)

that he has many friends.

55.She used to be quiet, .(反义疑问句)

56.Parents should allow their children to choose their own clothes.

Their children should to choose their own clothes.

57.I need to cut my hair.( 同义句)

I need to 58.She likes apples ,I like apples ,too.( 同义句)

She likes apples and 59.Work hard, or you’ll fail in English.( 同义句)

You’ll in English you work hard.


A: Hao tong ,you’re great. You got an A in English last term.

B:I learn English by joining an English language club.

A:Sounds good .Then how can you get the prounciation right?

B. Oh,yes.I take lots of grammar notes.

A: 4 B:Well,you should find a pen pal to practice writing with.

A:I can’t do well in listening. I can’t understand people who speak too fast . B:Well,5 , not every word.

A:Ok, I’ll try. Thanks. 九书面表达。(10分)

XI. 书面表达

假如你是李明, 请根据下列提示, 给刘威写一篇80词左右的信, 告诉他新学期你的一些情况. 写信日期是2013年9月6日. (10分)

提示: (1)你在三年级三班学习, 你的班主任老师姓王, 虽然他对你们很严格, 但他的课上得生动, 有趣, 你们都喜欢他;

(2)你们学习语文, 数学, 英语, 物理, 化学及电脑等学科, 你最喜欢数学;

(3)你对体育运动感兴趣, 课后你经常和同学们在操场上打篮球;


(5)开头和结尾已给出, 并且不计入词数.

参考词汇: head teacher 班主任 be strict with 严格 lively生动的

Sep.6th, 2005

Dear Liu Wei.

We haven't seen each other for a long time.


Best wishes for you. Yours,

Li Ming

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