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一, 听录音,选出句子中所含的信息,(每小题1分,共10分)

( )1, A does his homework B takes exercise C go to bed

( )2, A usually B always C often

( )3, A 10:45 B 11:45 C 11:15

( )4, A play football B play computer games C watch TV

( )5, A younger B smaller C older

( )6, A two hours B half and hour C an hour

( )7, A get up B hand in your homework C go to bed

( )8, A worried about B don’t worry C hurry up

( )9, A headache B stomachache C toothache

( )10, A plenty of vegetables B plenty of fruits C plenty of water

二, 听录音,填写句子所缺的单词。(每空1分,共11分)

1, Janet ______________ goes to school later than her brother.

2, My bsister sometimes __________ her friend.

3, Amy ____________ at our school.

4, My brother is one year _______________ than me.

5, Jiamin always goes to school __________ than Yongxian.

6, Her mother is __________ about her study.

7, I’m sure you can catch up with the _______________

8, We have ten _____________ this month.

9, The girl often _____________ the _________ on Monday.

10,I have a toothache, I have to see the _____________.

三, 听问句,选择最佳的答句,把字母编号写在括号内。(共10分)

( ) 1,A He’s forty. B He’s a fireman. C He’s my uncle

( ) 2,A Sure. B Yes, I can. C Thank you very much

( ) 3,A It’s a clock. B It’s blue C It’s a horse.


( ) 4,A That’s all right B Yes, of course. C No, thanks.

( ) 5,A Yes, we are. B No, I can’t. C Yes, you are.




1,发烧_________________ 2,吃药________________ 3, 醒来_________________ 4,去散步________________ 5,笔友____________ 6,练习钢琴______________ 7,两双袜子____________ 8,四瓶牛奶_________ 9,三箱苹果_______________ 10,9月12号_____________ 11,很久______________ 12, 赶上__________________


1, Take the medicine two _______ a day.

A times B time C a time

2, Mrs Blon seldom ________ to work by taxi.

A goes B go C going

3, --A: What’s the ________?

--B: She _______ feel good.

A matters B wrong C matter


4, His parents is ________ about him .

A worrying B worries C worried

5,We ________ feed the animals in the zoo.

A should B shouldn’t C are

6, --A: Li Ting looks __________ than before.

--B: Yes, she often ________ after class.

A thin, take exercises B thinner, takes exercises C thinner, take exercise 7, _________ they play football after class every day?

A Does B Do C Are

8, My brother goes to bed __________ than me.

A late B early C earlier

9, What’s the matter ______ Jaff? --- He’s ill.

A of B with C for

10, He’d better _________ the doctor now!

A see B sees C seeing

11, Sandy reads ______ every day.

A plenty of B for a long time C too much

12, There are two ______________ in the fridge.

A box of egg B boxes of eggs C box of eggs

13, It’s time ______________ school.

A to B to go for C to go to

14, Please give _________ some food.

A their B him C she

15, Jane always ___________ at eight o’clock.

A watch TV B watching TV C watches TV


A:Hello ! ______Ispeak to Sally?

B: ________ is Sally __________. Who's that pleas?

A: It’s Ben. __________ you like to go to the zoo with my family tomorrow? We’re _________ to 3

see the Koalas(树熊)!

B: That would be great! I’d be glad to. ___________ can we get there?

A: We will ________ a No. 541 bus to get there. Let’s meet at the bus stop.

B: OK. And what ________ shall we meet?

A: Let’s meet _______ 9:30. Don’t forget and _______ be late.

B: I see. Bye!

A: Bye!


Jane and Joan are sisters. They live in a big house with their parents in Guangzhou. Jane is seven years old and Joan is three years older than her. They study at the same school. Every morning they take a bus to go to school. They’re often late for school because they always go to bed very late and they can’t get up early in the morning. Jane likes watching TV for a long time before she goes to bed. Joan often plays computer games or emails her friends. Both of them are not good at their study and their teachers are all worried about them. Their father is a manager in a big bank. He has a lot of work to do every day and he always goes home at about 12 o’clock in the evening. He has no time to talk with his daughters. Jane and Joan’s mother is a very beautiful lady. She has no work but she seldom stays at home. She usually goes to her friend’s to play cards on weekdays and then goes shopping at the weekend.

( ) 1, Jane and Joan are sisters and classmates.

( ) 2, Jane is seven years old and Joan is ten.

( ) 3, Jane and Joan always go to school by car.

( ) 4, Both of their parents are very hard-working.

( ) 5, Joan plays computer games very often.

( ) 6, Jane likes watching TV and emailing her friends.

( ) 7, Their mother is worried about their study.

( ) 8, Jane and Joan often go to school late but they can do well in their study.


Lucy often plays computer games and watches TV. She doesn’t like sports and seldom takes exercise. She goes to bed very late and gets up late. So she often gets ill. She has a cold and a fever today. And she has a headache too. Her parents are worried about her.

______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 4



1, My brother does his homework for an hour after dinner.

2, They always do some reading after dinner.

3, Miss White always goes to bed at a quarter to eleven.

4, Jiamin shouldn’t play computer games too much.

5, Aally is one year older than me.

6, Mr. Chen’s daughter practices the piano for half an hour every day. 7, You should hand in your homework on time.

8, The teacher is worried about Jiamin’s study.

9, Xiao Ling has a toothache. She feels tired.

10, We should eat plenty of vegetables every day.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, I’8, 9, 10, 三,听问句选择最佳答句

1, How old is the man?

2, What color is the clock?

3, Can you help me?

4, Would you like some tea?

5, Are you going to the park tomorrow?



A The boy has a fever, he should take some medicine and stay in bed.

B He has a headache, he should take a rest.

C He is doing his homework.

D The man has a toothache, he should go to see the dentist. E She feels very cold.

F He feels very hot.

G He has a pain on his ear.

H The tall man has a stomachache.

I He has a cold, he’d better see the doctor.


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