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小学二年级第四单员body教案 2

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Teaching plan

Topic :


Teaching aids :

Cards , pictures

Teaching aims :

A. Let the students master the four new words.

B. Let the students learn how to use the new sentences.

Teaching contents :

Words :leg , shoulder , back , finger .

Sentences : What happened ?

I hurt my leg/back/shoulder/finger . Teaching important :

The new words and sentences

Teaching difficult

The new words and sentences.

Students can say the sentences with the new

words in class .

Teaching steps :

Step one :

A .Greeting

B .Warming up: sing the ABC song.

Step two :

Review: read page9-12 together.

Step three :

Presantation : a.teacher show the cards one by one/ learn the new words/read them together/read them one by one/learn the new sentences. Step four :

Practice :

Words: say words and do actions at the same

time/do the action games group by group/let three groups show the game.

Sentences :teacher pretend to be hurt and play the scene with a student/let the students play the same scene with partner/let two groups play it.

Step five :

Review the knowledge of this lesson together. Homework:

Listen and read page36.

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