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小学四年级英语试卷 Part I Listening (40分)

一、Listen and choose. 听音,选择。(5分)

1.( )A.scissors B.eraser C.marker 2.( )A.snake B.wolf C.lion 3.( )A.clerk B.waiter C.teacher 4.( )A.orange B.pink C.purple 5.( )A.gym B.school C.park

二、Listen and number. 听音,标序号。(6分)


Name:____________ Score:______________


write stories red



a donut 四、Listen. Fill in the blanks. Match the pictures.听音,填空并搭配图片。(8分)

1.Where does a________ live? In a tree. 2.Where does a ________ live? In a forest. 3.What does a _________ eat? It eats meat.

4.What does a _________ eat? It eats grass.

五、Listen. Fill in the blanks. Then order. 听音,填空并给图片排序。(8分)

Part II Writing (60分)

一、Look at the pictures. Fill in the blanks. 看图,写单词。(10分)

It’s Sunday morning. The weather is _____________. Danny and Jenny go to a shop to____________ a dress. In the afternoon, they are hungry. They go to a __________to eat lunch. In the evening, they go to a movie ___________to____________ a movie.

六、Listen. Answer the question. 听音,回答问题。(8分)

________ ________ ________ ________ ________

________ _________ _________ ________ ________

二、Look at the pictures. Fill in the blanks. 看图,填空。(8分)

1.The weather is________and snowy .

2.Danny is__________the desk.


Kim Jenny Steven

3.A___________works in a store.

2._______________________________________ 3._______________________________________ 4._______________________________________

4.The book is___________the desk.


三、Choose the best answers.选择。(10分)

1.—How_______you? —Fine,thanks. A.is

B.am C.are 2.—What’s the girl’s name? — _______ name is YanYan.

A.Her B.her C.She 3.—What’s this?

—This is___chalk.


B.\ C.but 4.You like socks, ________I don’t. A.and

B.too C.but 5.We like the same colour. __________favourite colour is blue.




四、Write the correct letter in each circle. 句图搭配。(12分)

a.My head hurts

b.Are you ready to order?

c.May I help you? d.What’s the matter?

e.Yes,I would like to buy a dress. f.Yes,I would like some ice cream, please.

第3页Name:____________ Score:______________

1.( )Li Yan likes to play with her skipping rope. 2.( )Xiao Hua doesn’t like to play with her doll.

3.( )Liu Mei likes to read a book and play with her doll.

4.( )Guo Peng likes to play on the computer, but he doesn’t like to

play with his skpping rope.

六、Read. Answer the questions. 读短文,回答问题。(12分)

At the zoo Bill: Look! Sam, What’s that?

Sam: Oh, it’s a tiger. It has a big mouth.

Bill:I don’t like tigers. It’s so terrible. Look, those are monkeys. Sam:Look! The brown monkey is big. Bill:You’re right. Look! There is a panda. Sam:I like pandas.It’s fat.It is black and white. Questions:

1.Who are at the zoo? Bill and___________. 2. What did they see at the zoo?


3. Sam doesn’t like tiger, why? Because it’s____________. 4. What colour is the panda?


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