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五年级unit1上册 Unit1B.read and write

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火 眼 金 睛

Golden Eyes

university principal kind young funny active strict smart student

大学生 校长 university 和蔼的;亲切的 principal 年轻的 kind 聪明的;巧妙的 young funny 积极的;活跃的 active strict 滑稽可笑的 smart student 严格的

He is short and smart. He is a little fat. He has a round face and a big mouth. He is active. Sometimes he is strict, sometimes he is kind. His pocket is so much fun.

what’s he like? Is he strict?
No, he isn’t. He is very kind.

Is he tall?
No, he isn’t He is short

Is he smart?
Yes, he is.
Is he quiet?
No, he isn’t. He is active.

Who is he?
He is Daxiong.

We are good friends. We go to school together. Daxiong likes Math class. The math class is so much fun.

What classes do you like? I like the class. The class is so much fun.

Jim likes the math class. He has a new math teacher too.

Let’s read

Tick or cross
⑴ Jim has a new science teacher. ⑵ She is quiet. ⑶ She is smart.

( ( (

) ) )

Role play
A: Do you have new teachers? B: Yes, I have…teacher. I like him/her. A: What’s he/she like? B: He/she is… A: Is he/she…? B: No, he isn’t.(he is …) A: Is he/she…? B: Yes, he/she is.(but he/she is…)


1. 2. 3.

Finish the exercises in the workbook. Write a passage “My new teacher” Prepare the exam of the Unit1.

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