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why? First,we will discuss the topic. Today ,I have a delicious meal I am happy . I meet my friends and teachers ,so I am happy. What’s more it is important that I’m able to have many students as you. Now let’s begain our class. Can you say your happiness?(这属于和学生的课前交流与热身,为了是让他们能够在课堂上表现的更好。)

my schoolbag. Do you know what in my schoolbag is ?(你们知道书包里有什么吗)。Can you guess? Ok, do you see them? Can you read them in English I believe you can do it .(这些主要是复习上节课的内容,看看学生掌握的怎么样)

English book,chinese book,maths book,storybook,schoolbag

pencil box ,eraser,ruler,crayon...key ,toy ,candy ...

Oh,no. where is my notebook?(我的笔记本在哪) Where is it ?I lost my notebook.(我的笔记本不见了)



notebook , candy , key , toy


A: Excuse me ,I lost my notebook. Do you see it ?

B: Which notebook ?

A: My notebook is English notebook .

B: What colour is it ?

A: Is is blue . Have you known it ?


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