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一. 朗读单词和词组(5分)

单词 1. computer 2. sorry 3. write 4. bite

词组 5. play games 6. a fine day

7. a picture of my family 8. in the cinema

9. have breakfast 10. an American girl

二. 朗读短文(3分)

Our school is very beautiful. There are many trees and flowers in it. There is a library behind our class. There are many books in the library. I am in Class 4, Grade 6. This is our classroom. Welcome to our class.


1.what did you eat this morning?

2.Do you like eat fruit?

3.What kind of fruit do you like best?

4.Do you prefer Chinese food or Western food?

5.What is your favorite food?



一. 朗读单词和词组(5分)

单词 1. library 2. small 3. plane 4. date

词组 5. go to school 6. have a class

7. you are welcome. 8. beside the window

9. Turn off the radio. 10. do some shopping

二. 朗读短文(3分)

This is my friend. She is a Chinese girl. Her name is Li Ying. She is in Class 2, Grade 6. Her mother is a teacher. Her father is a doctor. They like her very much.She likes playing the violin.She often does shopping with her friend on Monday.


1.Do you often do sports?

2.What kind of sport do you often do?

3.What is your favorite sport? Why do you like it?

4.Do you know the Olympic Games?

5.Which athlete do you like best?


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