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1、Who’s this woman? A、He is so tall.

2、Let’s play games. B、Yes , she is.

3、Is that your sister? C、Thank you .

4、This is my brother. D、Great !

5、How beautiful! E、She is my mother.



A 、Who is the woman?

B、What’s she?

C、Who’s the man?


A、Great ! B、Really ? C、Wow !

3、当别人问你:Who is the girl? ,你不能回答:___________________

A、She is my sister,Nancy.

B、She is in a shop.

C、Sorry , I don’t know.


A、How big! B、How cool! C、How beautiful!


( 一 )

I have a happy family. There are five people in my family. My grandpa and my grandma are very old, they like watching TV very much. My father is a teacher, my mother is a nurse(护士). I am a student in Grade(年级) Three. I love my family! ( )1、There are three people(人) in my family.

( )2、My father is a teacher.

( )3、My mother is a doctor.

( )4、My grandpa likes watching TV.

( )5、I’m a student in Grade Three.

(二 )

Hi ,I’m Tom .I’m from the USA. And I’m a student now.Look at my picture.This is my family . The man is my father . His name is Bob . The woman is my mother .Her name is Alice. She is a teacher . This boy is my brother , Dan . He is 7 . I love my family.

( ) 1. Tom is nine.

( ) 2. Dan is from Canada.

( ) 3. Bob is seven now .

( ) 4. Alice is a student.


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