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四年级英语试题上3 姓名______

Ⅰ.read and match 词义连线(30)

Ⅱ.Read and choose. 问答连线(15)

Ⅲ.Read and write. 每空一词。(5)

1. Look! He’s _________a dragon boat with Amy.

2. Sam can run fast. Look!He’s ________now.he’s the winner.

3. My grandparents like mmusic. They _______listening to music now. 4. You are swimming, _______I’m swimming, too. 5. Look, the boy is _______soya milk now!

Ⅳ. Read and circle. 情景交际,选择正确答案填空。(20) (


A. What’s Sam doing? B. What are you doing, Sam? ( )2.你正在写作业,妈妈问你在干什么,你应说: A. I do my homework, now.

B. I’m doing my homework now.

( )3.爸爸带你去广场散步,看见许多人不知在干什么,你应问到: A. What are they doing? B.They are dancing.


)4.在广场上看见许多老年人在跳舞,你会对爸爸说: A. They are doing Taijiquan. B.They are dancing.

( )5.弟弟看见你正在喝东西,便问你在喝什么,你应告诉他说:

A. I’m drinking orange juice. B. I like drinking juice. Ⅴ.Read and answer.阅读回答问题(20)

(Ⅰ) (Ⅱ)

Ⅵ.Read and choose.选词填空。(10) 1. She’s Amy. She’s _______(ride; riding)bikes.

2. __________(What; Where) are Sam and Amy going? They’re going to the supermarket.

3. Some boys are ________(playing; play) football in the park.

4. Look at the men under the tree. _________( They’re; He’s ) playing chess.

5. What are they doing? They’re _________(playing; doing) Taijiquan.

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