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(时间:60分钟 总分100分,其中卷面分5分)等级 一、写出下列单词的正确格式(20分) 1.party(复数 2.man(复数) 3.win(名词4.see(同音词

5.chinese(名词)6.up(反义词) 7.run(--ing)(-ing) 9.people(复数) 10.take(--ing)二、翻译词组(20分)

1.当然直着走 3.炒菜 4.照相 5.运动日 6.吹笛子 7.洗衣服 8.中式快餐 9.跳高 10.打开灯 三、根据句意,找出答语(20分)

( )1、Can Amy jump high? A、Yes,I have ( )2、What are they doing? B、No,I can’t ( )3、Have you got an orange? C、Yes,She can

( )4、Thank you so much . D、I’m going to do the long jump. ( )5、What are you going to do? E、It’s near the houses ( )6、Where’s Train 3? F、You are welcome ( )7、Do you want some rice ? G、Yes,she is. ( )8、Is Lingling writing a letter ? H、No,I don’t. ( )9、Can you make a cake,Sam? I、They’re making dumplings ( )10、What’s ten and two ? J、Twelve. 四、选择。(20分)

( )1、What are you going to do Sport Day?

A、in B、at C、on D、of

( )2、This is kangaroo and that is elephant.

A、a;a B、an;a C、a;an D、an;an ( )3、I live Beijing. A、in B、on C、at ( )4、 is Shanda Road?

A、What B、Where C、How ( )5、We can see interesting things.

A、 lots of B、 a lots of C、lost of ( )6、What they doing?

A、 is B、am C、are

( )7、They’er soybean milk.

A、 esting B、drinking C、drink 六、连词组句.(15分)

1、are, many ,there ,year,a ,how,months,in? ( )8、They’re a dragon boat.

A、 row B、rowwing C、rowing ( )9、He’s dumplings.

A、 make B、making C、makeing ( ) football. A.Daming B. Damings’ C. Daming’s

五、根据上下文意思,用括号中单词的正确形式填空(20分)1、Look!I am (swim) fast 2、He can (run)fast

3、Lanlan lives nesr many (house).

4、This is my friend,Tom.He is (write)a letter 5、Are you (do)it now ? 6、I have got twenty—point). 7、That’ (make) noodles. 8、 (want)some cakes? 9、I ‘m (listen) to music. 10、I’m the .(win)

2、have,some, you,can, sweets. 3、going,long,do ,I’m,the,jump,to . 4、flute,play,she,can,the? 5、there,four,are,birthdays,June,in


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