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四年级英语上Module 09检测题

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班级 姓名 等级


( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) ( )


( )1. A. hungry B.come C.have ( )2. A. apple B. orange C. fruit ( )3. A. frog B.orange C.lion ( )4. A. camel B. milk C.tiger ( )5. A. food B. peanuts C. vegetables


( )1.--- Can I have some sweets?


A. Here you are. B. Thank you. C. Yes, you do.


( )2. Daming and Sam can have some .

A. rices and fish B. fish and bread C. noodles and soup

( )3.--- Can I have some bread?


A. Sorry, you don’t. B. Yes, I do. C Sorry, you can’t.

( )4.---It’s very dark.


A. Please turn off the light. B. Please turn on the light.

C. Thank you very much.

( )5. Tom cannon have .

A. noodles and fish B. vegetables and rices

C. breads and rice

( )6. ---Can you row a boat, Sam?


A. Yes, I cannot. B. No, I can’t. C. Yes, you can.

( )7. I can’t . It’s dark.

A. listen B. watch C. see

( )8.--- Can I go home?

A. Yes, you can. B. Yes, you do. C. Yes, of course.


1.bread, have, can, some, I


2. light, now, on, the, turn

3. have, biscuits, you, some, can

4. nice, they, very, all, are


进来_____________________ happy birthday_______________ 加油_____________________ happy Halloween______________ 打开______________________ Here you are__________________ 过来______________________ very dark____________________


( )1.Can I havesome rice?

Yes,______ can.

A I B you C we

( )2. Can I have ______sweets?

A a B an C some

( )3.Today is Halloween.

A Thank you B Happy birthday C Happy Halloweew

( )4.Can I have some fruit?

A Sorry,you can’t B Yes, you can C Yes, you can5 3

( )5.Can I have some _______?

A egg B apple C soup

( )6. Can I have some cakes?

A Yes B Sorry C I know

( )7. Happy birthday_______you

A for B of C to

( )8. I’m_______hungry.

A very B was C much


(see can course you sorry biscuits)

1. Can I come in?

2. Yes of_______________

3. Mum, I can’t____________. you can have some________, some fruit and some cake

4. Can I have some bread?

_________________, you can’t.

5. ___________I have some sweets?

6. Can I have some peanuts?

Here ___________are.


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