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( )5. Let’s make a kite Tom. A. to B. for C. of 一、找出不同类的单词,并将序号填在题前括号中。 1. ( )A fruit B. apple C. pear 2 .( ) A. week B. month C. October 3. ( ) A. we B. they C. her 4. ( ) A. happy B. white C. write 5. ( ) A. table tennis B. sport C. basketball 二、根据汉语提示按要求完成各题。

1.十二 2. 超市 3.sheep(复数) 4. 果汁 6. see(同音词 7. child(复数)现在分词形式 9. friends’(汉语意思 10. win (名词) 三.把下列词和词组译成汉语 。

1. Listen to music ______________2.the Spring Festival _______________ 3. Xiaoyong’s swimsuit ______________ 4. 圣诞快乐____________ 5. It’s bedtime _________________ 6.跑100米______________ 7.Sports Day____________ 8. 照相 _________________ 9.good luck______________ 10.跳高____________ 四、选择正确答案,将其序号写到题括号中。

( )1.---Where is your school ? ---It’s a supermarket. A. next B. next to C. to next

( ) 2. Amy, can you fast ? A. running B. runs C. run ( )3.---- Can you play basketball, Sam ?

----No, I . A. can B. can’t C. don’t ( )4.----What’s that? ----It’s apple.

A. the B. a C. an

( you having lunch ,Sam? ----Yes, I am. A. Do B. Are C. Does

( I’m ten years old. A. How many B. How C. how old ( )8. I’m Lingling . I’m from A. Chinese B. England C. China ( )9.We often do homework at home. A. my B. their C. our ( )10. They are going to in the park. A rode B. ride C. riding 五、完成下列句子,将序号写在题前括号里。


. ( )2. ---What do you like ?---I like green. ( )3.Can you high ? No, I can’t. I can jump far. ( )4.I’m . Can I have some bread? ( ,where is the zoo, please? ( )6. I am an English girl. I’m from .

( )7. We are in Haikou today. We are going to go to Beijing . ( )8. I’m going to my grandma tomorrow.

( )9. How many are there in the classroom?--- Fifteen.

( )10. We’re going to go

to Hainan by .


( )1. Have you got a bird ? A. There are thirteen.

( ) 2. Can you draw a dragon ? B. He’s taking a picture.

( )3. What are they doing ? C. No, I can’t.

( )4. What is Daming doing? D. They’re playing chess. ( )5. How many chairs are there in the classroom? E. Yes, I have. 七.连词成句。

1. man look this at

2. Daming what you doing are ? 3. can't fast I run

. 4. visit tomorrow going to we're HaiNan 5. you for are what Sports Day to going do 八、情景交际。根据对话内容,选择句子完成对话。(5) A. But I can jump high. B. Can you run fast ? C. What are you doing? D. Hello E. What are you going to do for Sports Day? B: Hello, Sam. A: No, I can’t . B: .

A: I’m going to do the long jump . B ;Good bye, Sam. A; Bye-bye! 九、阅读理解,正确的写“T”错误的写 “F”

Hello, My name is Alice. I am nine years old. I am from England. I’m in Haikou now. I can play the flute and take pictures. Lingling is a Chinese girl. She is my friend. She can swim and play football. We all like sports. ( )1. Alice is in England and now.

( )2. Lingling can take pictures and play football. ( )3. Alice can play the flute.

( )4. Alice and lingling are good friends. ( )5. Lingling is from China.

Part two 笔试部分 (60分)

Ⅰ.Read and write. (写出下列字母的左右邻居)。( 1*5=5分)

Ee Jj Tt Ⅱ. Read and choose. (读一读,选出每幅图片所表示的短语。)(2*5=10分)

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

Ⅲ.Read and choose. ( 看图,选择补全对话。) 2*5=10分

1. A: Where’s the school, please?

B: (a. Turn left. b. Go straight on.)

2. A: What’s he doing?

B: He’s

( a. taking a picture b. reading a book )

3. A: Can I have some B: No, you can’t.

(a. bread b. fruit )

4. A: Can you B: Yes, I can.

(a. run fast. b. ride fast )

5. A: Where are you going ?

B: I’m goin ( a. house b. park )

The car is the house.

2. talking, writing

Fangfang is a letter. Ⅳ.Read and write“√”or“×”.(读一读,句子是否符合图意,相符的打“√”,不符的打“×”。)( 2*5=10分)

1. Do you want some noodles? ( )

2. I’m going to do the high jump. ( )

3. He’s playing with his toys. ( )

4. She’s running. ( )

5. Amy is talking to her friend. ( )

Ⅴ.Read and choose. (从B栏中选出A栏中正确的答案,并将序号填在括号中。)( 2*5=10分) A B ( )1、What is Sam doing? A. No, I don’t. ( )2、Can you jump far? B. He’s writing a letter. ( )3、Happy birthday! C. No, I can’t. ( )4、Have you got a toy train? D. Thank you. ( )5、Do you like September? E. Yes, I have. Ⅵ.Read choose and fill in. (选词填空。) ( 2*5=10分)

1. under, near , down

The car is the hill. The car is the tree.

Yuanyuan is to her frind. 3. doing my homework , talking to you I’m I’m 4. TV , 7o’clock, bed,

Tomorrow, Daming is going to get up at Then, he is going to watch Then, he is going to go to

Ⅶ.Read and choose.(请将下列单词中不同类别词挑出来,把该词的序号写在前面的括号里)(1*5=5分)

1.( )A. May B. teacher C. December D. July 2.( )A. run B. jump C. swim D. milk 3.( A. lion B. tiger C. animal D. elephant 4.( )A. five B. clock C. seventeen D. twenty 5.( )A. cake B. camera C. sweets D. bread






1.thirteen 2.supermarket 3.biscuits 4.juice 5.衣服 6.sea 7.children 8.swimming 9.朋友们的 10.winner

三、把下列词和词组译成汉语 (20分) 1.听音乐 2. the Ming Tombstone 3.小勇的泳衣 4. stone animals 5. 睡觉时间 6. run the 100 metres 7. 运动日 8. take pictures 9. 好运气 10. do the high jump

四、选择正确答案,将其序号写到题括号中。(10分) 1-5 BCBCB 6-10 BCCCB

五、完成下列句子,将序号写在题前括号里。(10分) 1-5 CEBAD 6-10 BDAEC


ECDBA 七.连词成句(10) 1. Look at this man .

2. What are you doing , Daming? 3. I can’t run fast.

4.We’re going to visit the Ming Tombs. 5. What are you going to do for Sports Day?

八、情景交际。根据对话内容,选择句子完成对话。(5) 1-5 DCBAE

九、阅读理解,正确的写“T”错误的写 “F”(10) 1-5 FFTTT



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