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( )1、 A make B take C lake ( )2、 A letter B let C light ( )3、 A ride B nice C right ( )4、 A sea B sweets C swim ( )5、 A life B live C love 三、听音,判断。与录音相符的句子在括号内写T,不相符的写F(5分) ( )1、They’re doing Taijiquan. ( )2、Have you got chopsticks? ( )3、I’m going to do the long jump. ( )4、The train is up the hill.

( )5、I like January and February. There are lots of festivals. 四、听音,选择恰当的答语,将其序号填在题前的括号中。(10分)

( )1.A I’m fine. B Fine, thanks. C That’s OK. D Yes. ( )2.A Yes, it is. B Yes, there is. C No,it isn’t. D No, there aren’t. ( )3.A A egg. B A pear. C A orange. D A dog. ( )4.A Yes, I’m. B Yes, I am. C Yes, it is. D Yes, there is. ( )5 A Happy birthday to you. B Me to. C Thank you. D Not at all. 五、听音,选择你听到的句子。(10分)

( )1、A He is taking pictures.

B He is reading a book. ( )2、A Can you run fast? B Can you jump high?

( )3、A There are five birthdays in July. B There are five birthdays in June. ( )4、A What are you doing? B What are you going to do?

( )5、A She’s going to go to the supermarket. B She’s going to go to the school. ( )6、A Have you got chopsticks in England? B Have you got fast food in England? ( )7、A She is playing with her friend. B She is talking to her friend. ( )8、A Do you want some sweets? B Do you want some soup? ( )9、A Can I have some bread? B Can they have some bread? ( )10、A We’re going to go to Hainan. B We’re going to Beijing.

六、听音,给下列句子排列顺序。用1、2、3……标出来.(10分) ( ) I like September. I can go to school. ( ) There are five birthdays in July. ( ) We all love February. It’s festival time. ( ) Can you jump far?

( ) What are you going to do for Sports Day?



一、比比看,谁的书法最漂亮。请按正确的格式抄写下列句子。(10分) 1、There are three birthdays in October.

2、 Excuse me. Where’s No.2 , West Lake Road , please?

3、 Can I have some bread? Sorry , you can’t.

4、 Have you gou an elephant? Yes, I have.

5、 What are they doing? They’re rowing a dragon boat.


( )1 A pear B purple C pink ( ) 2 A apple B orange C fruite ( ) 3 A dog B orange C lion ( ) 4 A panda B milk C tiger

( ) 5 A foot B peanuts C vegetables ( )6、A for B on C jump ( )7、A metre B meat C rice ( )8、A come B day C go

( )9、A January B station C October ( )10、A seven B sixteen C November

三、选择填空,将正确选项的序号填在题前的括号中。(10分) ( ) 1、Can you row a boat ?

A Yes, I can. B No, I can’t. C Yes, you can.

( ) 2、There are thirty_one ____________ in March. A months B weeks C days ( ) 3、Can I go home?

A Yes,you can’t. B Yes, you do. C Yes, of course. ( ) 4、Where is yourr book?

A It’s home. B It’s on the desk. C Yes, it is. ( ) 5、There are ________ in my bag.

A a ruler B two rulers C a pen ( ) 6、There ________ some soup. A are B have C is

( ) 7、How many ___________ are there ?

A birthday B birthdays C a birthday

( ) 8、Happy Halloween!

A Thank you! B Happy Halloween! C Good! ( ) 9、________. Where’s the school?

A Sorry B Excuse me C Please

( ) 10、Do you want some rice? No,__________. A you please B thank you C you don’t

四、读一读,选句子,补全对话,将句子的序号填在对话中的横线上。(10分)。Daming:Hi,Sam. Where are you going? Sam:________________ Daming: What are you going to do there? Sam:________________ Daming: Where is the lake? Sam:________________ Daming:_________________ Sam:________________ Daming:Can I go with you? Sam:________________


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