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UNIT 1 Our School Day


4. 5. 6. 一、选出与画线部分内容相符的图片。 ( )1.---What time is it? ---It’ A. B.


A. B. ( )3.Let’


B. 二、根据图片选择对应的词语(填序号) A.get up B.go to bed D.have breakfast E.play football 1. 2.

C. C. C.

C.go to school F.fly a kite 3. 三、看图并选择正确的单词填在横线上。

1.---Where are you from? ---I’m from __________ 2.---Where are you from? ---I’m from__________ 3.---Where are you from? ---I’m from__________ 4.---Where are you from? ---I’m from__________ 四、情景反应。

( )1.你想问别人现在几点了,应说:

A.What time is it? B.When is it? C.What is it? ( )2.你想说现在是吃早饭的时间,应说:

A.Time to have lunch. B.Time to have supper.

C.Time to have breakfast. ( )3.你想告诉别人当心点,应说:

A.Take out. B.Take care. C.Take up. ( )4.新学期开学见到同学时,应该说:

A. How old are you? B.Nice to meet you! ( )5.你想知道乐乐来自哪里,应该问:

A.Where are you from? B.What’s your name? ( )6.当你想进老师的办公室时,你应说:

A.May I come in? B.What do you like? ( )7.当别人向你说谢谢时,你应说:

A.You’re welcome. B.Not thanks! 五、精挑细选。

( )1.What’s ______ game?

A.a B.an C.the ( )2.---Can you play? ---Yes,we ________. A.can B.can’t C.not ( )3.Open _____ pencil-box.

A.you B.your C.me ( )4.---Are you hungry? ---___________. A.Yes. B.Thank you. ( )5.---What’s for dinner,Mum? ---_________. A.Chicken and vegetables. B.Yes,thanks. ( )6.---Want an apple? ---___________. A.No.I like it. B.Yes,thanks. ( )4.I like ______. A.tomato B.peas ( )5.Do you like ________?

A.fruit B.vegetables ( )6.No,I like ________? A.chicken B.rice 六、问答连线

I like oranges. You’re welcome. Where are you from? Nice to see you,too! What time is it? I’m from China. Nice to see you! It’s 7:00. Thank you very much. Me,too. 七、按要求写句子。

1. May I come in? (肯定回答) _____________________。2. 画线部分提问) _____________________? 3. I like coffee.(改为否定句) ______________________。4. But I like fish and vegetables.(翻译) ____________________。八、请把下列物品放进合适的盘子中(填序号)

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