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( ( ( ( ( 二、选择填空。(20分,每小题2分)

( )1. How do you like the film? .

A. I think so B. Yes, I like it C. It’s a good film

( )2.Her TV is broken. There is picture. A. no B. not C. some

( )3.Tom usually to school early in the morning, but he late yesterday.

A. goes, was B. went, is C. goes, is

( )4.There are many pears the tree, but there aren’t any birds it.

A. at, in B. on, in C. on, with

( means(意思是)mother and father.

A. Grandma B. Aunt and uncle C. Parents

( )6.People use in England. A. dollar($) B. yuan(¥) C. pound(£)

( )7.That’s football. I like to play football very much.

A. a, the B. a, ∕ C. a, a

( )8. He bought useful book yesterday. A. a B. an C. the

( )9.Uncle Li, there’s something wrong with my computer. Would you give me a

? A. foot B. head C. hand

( )10.I like going to the movies and sports.

A. playing B. play C. to play


1.Sam and I (be) in the same class.

2.It’s time (play) games.

(they) names are Tony and Ben.

4.She has three .(child)

5.These keys are .(she)

6.They like .(swim)

7.Li Hong often (carry) water for the old lady.

8.My mother (not have) a bike.

9.Tony (buy) a pair of shoes last week.

10.This year is her (twenty) birthday.


1.I’m Jim Green.(改为一般疑问句) Jim Green?

2.Is this book yours?(改为同义句)Is this ?

3.Is she a student?(进行否定回答) .

4.This is my box.(改为复数句) These our .


season Lily like best?


It’s Sunday today. We don’t go to . Yang Guomei and Ann go to Uncle Wang this morning. The old man’s is near the river. It’s near a big . We can see some boats on the river. Uncle Wang is happy to meet the two . He gives them apples and pears. Now he is a kite for them. His kites are and the children like them. Yang Guomei and Ann are the kite behind the house. Look!It’s very now and they are very happy. They Uncle Wang and go home with the kite.

( )1. A. home B. bed C. school D. classroom

( )2. A. help B. see C. look for D. catch

( )3. A. table B. cat C. hat D. house

( )4. A. tree B. flower C. broom D. book

( )5. A. boys B. sisters C. daughters D. girls

( )6. A. buying B. making C. working D. riding

( )7. A. bad B. easy C. nice D. small

( )8. A. flying B. throwing C. cleaning D. counting

( )9. A. hard B. high C. great D. empty

( )10. A. carry B. look at C. thank D. think



Fred and Jean are brother and sister. They are American. They are in the same school. Their school is not far from their home.

Fred is in Mr. Black’s class. He is thirteen. He is one of best students in his class. Mr. Black likes him. He is good at Chinese, but Mr. Black is not.

Jean is eleven. She is in Mrs. Black’s class. Mrs. Black is an English. Jean is good at English, but she is not good at Chinese.


( )1.Are Fred and Jean twins? A. Yes, they are. B. No, they aren’t.

C.Yes, they are in the same class. D. No, they are not American.

( )2.How old is Jean? She is .

A. eleven B. twelve C. thirteen D. ten

( )3.Who is good at Chinese?

A. Mr. Black B. Mrs. Black C. Jean D. Fred

( )4.Where is Fred and Jean’s school?

A. It’s in China. B. It’s behind a hill.

C.It’s near their home. D. It’s in England.

( )5.Which sentence is wrong?

A. Fred and Jean are in the same family.

B. Mr. Black and Mrs. Black are Fred and Jean’s father and mother.

C. Mr. Black likes Fred very much.

D. Mrs. Black is Jean’s English teacher.


France:Zinedine Zidane

The world’s most expensive player—bought by Real Madrid(皇家马德里队)for US $66 million﹍he is the jewel of French team, winning the Gold Ball Award in

1998, the FIFA World Best Player Awards in 1998 and 2000, and part of the French team that won the World Cup in 1998.

Date of birth:June 23, 1972


Club:Real Marid

Caps for France


Goals for France:19

注释:1France.法国 2. world’s most expensive世界上(身价)最贵的

3.million百万 4. jewel宝石,受珍视的 5.midfielder中锋

1.Who is No. 10 player in the picture?

2.How much is his social status(身价)?

3.How old is he now?

4.What awards(奖,奖品) did he get (得到)in 1998?

5.Which club is he in now?


50.Where do you live?

51.What’s your favorite food?

52.Where do you usually have lunch, at home or at school?

53.Do you like playing basketball?

54.Where would you like to visit?

55.What do you usually have for breakfast?

56.Who is your favorite singer?

57.What do you do on weekends?

58.What will the weather be like this weekend?

59. Where do you usually have supper, at home or at school?

60.How many students are there in your class?

61. How many boys are there in your class?

62. How many girls are there in your class?

63.How often do you have English lessons?

64.In which country is the Great Wall?

65.Did you watch TV last night?

66.How many minutes are there in an hour?

67.How many hours are there in a day?

68.Where would you like to go on vacation?

69.What do you think of your English teacher?

70.Which grade are you in?

71.Which class are you in?

72.What do you think about your school? 6. club俱乐部

73.What is your family name?

74.Who does the cooking in your family?

75.What time do you usually get up?

76. What time do you usually go to bed?

77.How many hours do you sleep at night?

78.When do you start your class every day?

79.What is your telephone number?

80.When were you born?

81.Where were you born?

82.Do you have a lot of homework every day?

83.Do you like speaking English?

84.Do you have a computer?

85.Where did you go last summer vacation?

86.How do you call your father’s sister?

87.How do you call your father’s father?

88.How do you call your father’s mother?

89.How many meals do you have a day?

90.What subjects do you study at school?

91.How many days are there in a year?

92. How many days are there in January?

93. How many days are there in September?

94.How do you like Zhongshan city?

95. How many subjects do you study at school?

96.What is the capital of our country?

97.What is your favorite sport?

98.What day is it on December 25th?

99.Does it snow here in winter?

100.Do you like Chinese food or western food?

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