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BBC News with Jerry Smit.

President Obama has announced a series ofreforms to America's spy operations at home andabroad. In a speech in Washington,he called for anend to government control of phone data fromhundreds of millions of Americans. Mr. Obama also said there would be no more spying onfriendly foreign leaders unless there was a compelling security case. Mark Mardell reports.

President Obama attempted to reassure people that the collection of immense amounts oftelephone and internet data had not been abused. He said the US must continue collecting datain bulk.

Having said that. I believe critics are right to point out that without proper safeguards, this typeof program could be used to yield more information about our private lives.

So he is ending the program as currently exists without spelling out what replace is it. And hehas given the attorney general and the NSA 60 days to find a way to square the circle.Congress will also be involved.

President Obama's speech has been welcomed by Germany. Relations between Berlin andWashington were severely tested last year by revelations that America had monitoredChancellor Merkel's mobile phone.

The Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has signed into law a bill designed to curbanti-government street protests. It was criticized by the European Union and the UnitedStates. Ayan Skippers reports.

The bill was rushed through parliament on Thursday by show of hands rather than the usualsecret electronic voting. The bill which toughens penalties for activities such as setting uptents without permission in public spaces sparks uproar from the opposition. It came underfire abroad as well. The European Union expressed concern and The American Secretary ofState John Kerry called the bill undemocratic. He said it had been rammed through parliament.But the Ukrainian foreign ministry said it regarded the criticism as meddling in the country'sinternal affairs.

Police in the Afghan capital Kabul say a suicide bomber has blown himself up near a restaurantfrequented by foreigners and government officials, killing at least 14 people. The UN says 4 ofits staff are missing. From Kabul, here is Philip Hammond.

A loud explosion was heard across the north of the city followed by sustained burst ofgunfire. Police say a suicide bomber detonated his device at the entrance of the restaurant andtwo accomplices then opened fire on the diners i

nside. The emergency services respondedquickly to the attack but rescue efforts were delayed whilst the police tried to ensure that thearea was safe. A statement from the Taliban said they carried out the attack and weretargeting what they termed "important foreign officials".

The United Nations has classified the situation in South Sudan as an internal armed conflict,meaning abuses committed there can be classed as war crimes. A senior UN human rightsofficial who is in South Sudan said he had reports of abuses including mass killings, extrajudicialkillings, sexual violence and the use of child soldiers.

World News from the BBC.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry has reiterated that President Bashar al-Assad has noplace in Syria's future in an attempt to persuade the Syrian opposition to attend peace talksin Geneva next week. The umbrella opposition group, the Syrian National Coalition is meetingtoday in Turkey to decide whether to take part in the talks. Mr. Kerry said the United States andits allies could still bring more pressure to bear on Mr. Assad to persuade him to accept atransitional government.

They can bluster, they can protest, they can put out distortions. The bottom line is we aregoing to Geneva to implement Geneva I. And if Assad doesn't do that, he will invite greaterresponse in various ways from various people over a period of time.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has said gay people should feel welcome at the WinterOlympic Games next month in Sochi. Mr. Putin said Russia didn't ban homosexual relations, justgay propaganda to children. Steve Rosenberg reports from Moscow.

With 3 weeks to go before the Winter Olympics, today, Vladimir Putin assured the world thathomosexuals would face no discrimination in Sochi. But the message was far fromconvincing. At a meeting with Olympic volunteers, President Putin said there was a ban inRussia on the spread of information about homosexuality and pedophilia. Mentioninghomosexuals and pedophiles in the same breathe is likely to infuriate the gay and lesbiancommunity. Steve Rosenberg.

Italian media reports say a nun has given birth to a baby boy in the city of Rieti, in the center ofthe country. The 32-year-old nun who's from El Salvador said she was no idea she waspregnant. She was rushed to hospital after she felt what she thought was stomach cramps.Reports say she's named the boy Francis.

And that's the BBC News.

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BBC News with Jerry Smit

The Taliban in Afghanistan say they are confidentthey will soon take power in the country, and will notmoderate their rigid methods of government whenthey do so. A Taliban spokesman said that it waswinning the war against the US-led international force. He was talking to the BBC's JohnSimpson. The Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahed claimed that the British and Americans will beenforced out of Afghanistan, because of the losses they've suffered and the opposition frompublic opinion at home. Many people here are afraid that when the western troops leave, civilwar could break out again in earnest. The spokesman claimed that the Taliban now controlledlarge swathes of t

he country, including most of Helmand Province and that the western troopscouldn't move around freely away from their bases.

A senior United Nations envoy sent to the Central African Republic has warned of the danger ofgenocide and called for a stronger international response to prevent further communalbloodshed. The UN Humanitarian Affairs Co-ordinator John Ging said the conflict had all theelements seen in places like Rwanda and Bosnia. Thomas Fessy reports from the tense town ofBozoum.

Only the gun makes the difference in front of news mob, there are 11 African Union soldiershere, they've just prevented a man from being killed but can't they save the next one. Morethan 1,000 Muslims will evacuate this week. Time seems up for some, but for the Christiansdisplaced, this could mean a safe passage back to their neighbourhood but with ever strongerinternational force around who will avert the hatred that has emerged in last few month'smass killings remain a major risk.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry has urged the Syrian opposition to join next week'speace talks in Switzerland. Mr.Kerry stressed that the aim of the talks was to start the processof setting up a transitional government to end the conflict in Syria.

“For anyone seeking to rewrite this history or to muddy the waters,let me state one more timewhat Geneva-II is about. It is about establishing a process, essential to the formation of atransition governing body, established by mutual consent. It is the only way to bring aboutan end to the civil war that has triggered one of the planet's most severe humanitariandisasters, and which has created the seeding grounds for extremism.”John Kerry.

The Italian government has said the transfer of hundreds of tons of Syria's chemical weaponswill take place in the southern port of Gioia Tauro. The chemicals will then be taken out at seaand destroyed. Italy offered the port as its contribution to the United Nations supervisedprocess of destroying Syria's chemical weapons.

World News from the BBC

The public prosecutor in Egypt says that three journalists from Al Jazeera English now facecharges of possessing broadcast equipment without valid license with the aim of underminingnational security. The prosecutor's statement says that new evidence shows they aimed tobroadcast untrue information and fake images to damage Egypt's reputation and financialstanding.

In the United States, a death row inmate in Ohio has been executed using a controversial newcombination of drugs. The untested method was used b

ecause the maker of the previousdrug refused to allow its use in capital punishment. Dennis McGuire, a convicted murder tookmore than a quarter of an hour to die. Jonny Dymond reports.

“I'm going to heaven.”said Dennis McGuire before his execution. But he took 15 minutes todie much longer than as usual, apparently gasping for breath as a new drug's cocktail tookeffect. His lawyers had argued against the use of the drugs, saying that the possibility of suchan extended process amount to cruel and unusual punishment prohibited under the USconstitution. McGuire admitted to the rape and fatal stabbing of a young pregnant womanmore than 20 years ago. The woman's relatives welcomed the execution.

Parliament in Ukraine has rushed through a law apparently designed to curb anti-governmentprotests after months of demonstrations against President Viktor Yanukovych. The legislationbans the unauthorized installations of tents, stages or amplifiers,equipment used by protesterscampaigning for closer ties with the European Union rather than with Russia.

North Korea has made a surprise offer to stop hurling insults at South Korea to help easemilitary tensions. The North traditionally uses trois insults to bait South Korea, often calling itsleaders as puppets, hooligans and dogs. Last year, it urged its soldiers to cut the windpipes ofenemies in the South. Seoul has not yet responded to the offer. BBC News

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