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一 英汉互译16

1 看一看 __________________ 2 许多房间__________________ 3 each other__________________

4 在阅览室__________________ 5 在床的下面_________________ 6 look very well __________________ 7 去游泳__________________ 8 制作一个模型飞机__________________ 9 follow me__________________ 10sit(现在分词)________________ 11do homework__________________ 12 打牌__________________

13 寻找__________________ 14class(复数形式)__________________15Mike(所有格) ________________


二 单项选择9

1.( ) I have two_______-of chicken. A.tin B.tins C./

2.( ) _______ Lancy have a tent? A.Do B.Is C.Does

3.( ) She _______-a fan. A.has B.there is C.have

4.( ) I can_______- ,but she likes_______-

. A.sing ,danceing B.singing, dance C.sing,.dancing

5.( ) What are you _______? I’M sweeping the floor

A.do B.does C.doing

6.( ) Let_______-go and see. A.I B.us C.we

7,( ) I’ll come and join . A.you B.your C.they

8.( ) He likes _______- a yo-yo. A.play with B.playing C.playing with

9.( ) _______-rooms are therein the school?

A.How many B.How much C.What about

三 按要求写单词10

1 one(序数词) _____________ 2 there is(缩写形式) _____________ 3 can’t(完整形式)_____________ 4 two(同音词)_____________ 5 child(复数形式) _____________ 6 run(现在分词)_____________ 7 teach(名词)_____________ 7she(宾格)_____________ 9 write(同音词)_____________

10 match(复数形式)_____________

四 从右栏中选出与左栏相对应的答句10

( )1.What shape is it? A.They are reading books

( )2.What are they doing? B.It's star

( )3.Can you draw a picture? c.There are ten flowers.

( )4.How many flowers are there in the park? D.Five yuan.

( )5.What’s under the chair? E.No.I can't

( )6.How much are they? F.Sure.

( )7.Shall we go now? G.It's a pen

( )8.Is there a study in the building? H.I like skating

( )9.What do you like? I.Thank you.

( )10.Here is a mask for you. J.Yes there is.


有多少个男孩在教室里? 有十五个

1. _______ , boys , in the .There are .


2. There , ,rooms in the .

海伦正在打扫图书馆吗? 是的, 她是

3.海伦 , ,the ?Yes, , .


There , ,water in the .

5.I can play the violin.(改成否定句)

6.Lili likes making a puppet.(改成一般疑问句)

六 阅读短文5

Nancy’s family are all at home.Her father Mr black is sitting on the sofa near the windoww.He is reading a magazine. Nancy is in the her bedroom,she is listening to the radio.David,her brother and his friend,Jim,are not playing.They are doing homework.Helen,her

friend,is helping David to clean the bike.Where’s Mrs Black and what’s she doing? She is in the kitchen and making some cakes for the children.

( )1.There are people in Nancy’s house now.

A four B five C six D seven

( )2.Nancy is in her bedroom, she is .

A listening to the radio B watching Tv

C doing her homework D reading the book

( )3.Helen is the bike.

A looking at B standing near C cleaning D riding

( )4.Mrs black is .

A in her bedroom B in the kitchen

C sitting on a chair D reading a magazine

( )5.Jim and Helen are Nancy’s and David’s .

A friends B sons C brothers D brother and sister

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