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Listening Parts(30 points)

I.Listen and circle the correct words.(10 points)

1.just last 2.clothes close 3.think thank 4.trip drop

5.front fruit 6.hall tall 7.toninght light

8. kind find 9.again begin 10. exciting exercise

II. Listen and match.(12 points)

III. Listen and fill in the blank.(8 points)

My friends and I enjoy TV after school. I like very much and Li Dong only likes . He wants an actor in the future. Tom wants to be a football , so he often watches

on TV. Helen and Alice enjoy a lot. They hope Writing Parts( 70 points)

IV.Find the “odd” man.(10 points)

( )1.A.dictionary B.ink C.bike D.story book

( )2.A.England B.China C.Sam D.France

( )3.A.train B. plane C. bus D.sheep

( )4.A.farmer B.singer C.player D.father

( )5.A.Sleepy BeautyB.Snow White C.West LakeD.Arabian Nights

V..Match.( 10 points)

VI.Choose the best answer.(10 points) ( )1.I visted many places inrerest Xi'an last year.

A. of,at B. in,in C. of,in ( )2. is coming. What shall we do for my mother?

A. Mother's day B. Mothers Day C. Mother's Day ( )3.Do you like foreign music Chinese music?

A. and B. of C. or ( )4.Hangzhou is a beautiful city. Do some pictures.

A. have B. get C. take ( )5. Thank you for me today.

A. have B. had C. having

( )6.-- ________ -- It's cheap. It's 30 yuan.

A. How many is the tape? B. How many are the tapes?

C. How much are the tapes?

( )7. Help ____ to some vegetables.

A. your B. yourself C. yours

( )8.--What size do you wear? -- _______.

A.Blue B. Large C. Little

( )9.You'd better make a _____list.

A. shop B. shoping C. shopping

( )10.--______may I keep the books? -- One week.

A. How long B. How much C. How many

VII.Translate.(10 points)

1.fridge___ 2.medicine___ 3.upstairs___ 4.park___ 5.touch___

6.mouth___ 7.smoke___ 8.spit___ 9.visitor___


(1)停放 (2)楼上 (3)冰箱 (4)吸烟 (5)吐,吐痰

(6)访问者 (7)药 (8)中心 (9)触摸 (10)嘴,口

VIII.Arrange the words into a right sentence.(10 points)

1.the, have, take, good, a, medicine, and,rest .


2.to, Zhong, Shan, Park, get, I, can, how .


3.help,me, my, could, lessons, you, with


4.yesterday, where, they, did, go .


5.came, at, to, we, last, school, night, nine .


IX.Choose the right answers.(15 points)

( )1.Could you post the letter for me?

( )2.Would you like to have a trip with her?

( )3.Did you enjoy the concert?

( )4.What’s the matter with you, Jim?

( )5.When shall we start?

( )6.What did you do last Friday?

( )7.Thank you very much.

A.Yes, I did. B.I've got a toothache. C.You're welcome.

D.We had a picnic in the park. E.Yes, I’d love to. F.With pleasure. G.At 6 tomorrow moring.

X.Read and answer the questions. ( 5 points)

Today is a happy day for me. I am glad to get a story book from Wang Shi. Its name is The Monkey King. It is in Chinese. Wang Shi is a Chinese boy. He lives in China. He took me to visit

many places of interest in Beijing when I was in China. I am learning Chinese. I think this book will be helpful.

1. Where did he get the story book ?


2. What's the name of the book ?


3. What did he do in China ?


4. Will that book help him learn Chinese well ?


5. Is he Chinese ?




I.last,close,think,trip,fruit,tall,tonight, kind, begin, exciting

II.1.Linda is going to Beijing by train.

2.Zhao Yu is going to Xi'an by car.

3. Li Dong is going to school on foot.

4.Tom is going to the park by bike.

5.Robin is going to Hainan by plane.

6.Jack is going to the Bookstore by bus.



IV.1.C 2.C 3.D 4.D 5.C

VI.1.C 2.C 3.C 4.C 5.C 6.C 7.B 8.B 9.C 10.A

VII. 1.(1) 2.(7) 3.(2) 4.(1) 5.(9) 6.(10) 7.(4) 8.(5) 9.(6)


VIII.1. Take the medicine and have a good rest.

2. How can I get to the Zhongshan Park?

3. Could you help me with my lessons?

4. Where did they go yesterday?

5. We came to school at nine last night.

IX.1.F 2.E 3.A 4.B 5.G 6.D 7.C

X. 1.He got the story book from Wang Shi.

2.Its name is The Monkey King.

3.He learned Chinese.

4.Yes,it will.

5.No,he isn't.


1. 第二大题,是一道综合性极强的试题,集人名,地名及交通工


2. 第五大题,地图、国名与代表性建筑连错一处扣1分

3. 第八大题,语序对得1分,单词抄错包括大小写标点符号错误


4. 第九大题,错1题扣2分

5. 第四、十大题,每小题2分

6. 其他每小题1分

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