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结构:助动词 be ( am / is / are ) +现在分词.

二、 现在分词的构成:


Eg: carry-carrying,catch-catching,drink-drinking,

enjoy-enjoying hurry-hurrying ,do-doing , read-reading , think-thinking

2. 如果动词以-e结尾,则去掉-e,再加-ing,

如come-coming , have-having ,


3. 如果动词只有一个元音字母,而其后跟有一个辅音字母时,将此辅音字母双写,再加-ing

如: hit-hitting,let-letting,


4. 如果动词有两个音节,且重音在第二个音节上,则末尾的辅音字母须双写,再加-ing,

如: for’get-forgetting,pre’fer-preferring,up’set-upsetting.试比较 ’benefit/benfiting, ’


5. 以 -ic 结尾的动词,应先把 -ic 变为 -ick,再加 -ing, eg: panic/panicking, picnic/picnicking,但 lie/lying ,die/dying, tie/tying是特殊变化要记住.


1.现在进行时的肯定形式、否定形式、疑问形式及其回答,所有变化都体现在助动词 be ( is / am / are ) 上.

1)现在进行时的肯定形式:主语+be(am/ is/are)+doing+其他成分

I am singing . They are writing .

2)现在进行时的否定形式:主语+be(am/ is/are)+not +doing+其他成分

I am not singing . They aren’t writing .

3)一般疑问句及回答:be(am/ is/are)+ 主语+doing+其他成分

Am I singing ? Yes ,you are . / No ,you aren’t .

Are they writing ? Yes ,they are . / No ,they aren’t .

4)特殊疑问句及回答:特殊疑问词+be(am/ is/are)+主语+doing+其他成分

What are you doing ? We are playing (要求就提问内容具体回答).

2. 缩写形式如下:

I am---I’m You are---You’re He is---He’s She is---She’s

It is---It’s We are---We’re They are---They’re

3.说明: 不是所有动词都能用现在进行时态的,如:

see、like、want、know 等动词往往都不用进行时态.


1.表示现在( 指说话人说话时) 正在发生的事情.往往与 now,at the moment,just 等副词连用,以示强调.

We are waiting for you. What are you doing? Some one’s knocking at the door.


He’s talking to his friends in the classroom.

可用 still 一词强调动作的持续性

He’s still talking to his friends in the classroom.

3. 表示长期的或重复性的动作,说话时动作未必正在进行.

Mr. Black is writing another article.

Don’t take that book away. Your father’s using it.

She is learning piano under Mr. Black.


What’s your brother doing these days? He’s studying English at Oxford University.


People are becoming more and more beautiful these days.

6. 表示渐变的动词有:become,turn,get,grow,run,go,begin等.

The leaves are turning brown.

It’s getting colder and colder.

7.与always,constantly,forever 等词连用,表示反复发生的动作或持续存在的状态,往往带有说话人的主观色彩.

You are always changing your mind.

8. 现在进行时(以及 be going to)可以表示为将来安排好的活动和事件 We’re spending next winter in China. 用

arrive,come,go,leave 等动词的现在进行时描写行 程安排,也通常有“将到达”和“将离去”的意思: He’s arriving tomorrow morning.


He is always singing at night,and we can’t fall asleep late at night.



1. ______you__________(fly) a kite? Yes,_______.

2. ______you___________(sit) in the boat?

3. ______he_____________(talk) with me?

4. We_______________(play) football now.

5. What_________you__________(do)?

6. I_____________(sing) an English song.

7. What________he____________(mend)?

8. He______________(mend) a car.

9. These boys _________ (play) tennis on the playground.

10. My mother______________ (cook) in the kitchen.

11. We can’t help you,because we ____________ (have )classes.

12. ________ the boy ___________ (write) his homework?

13. Look! These butterflies _________ (fly) in the sky.

14. Listen! The girl ___________ (sing) in the next room.

15. The naughty boy __________ (swim) in the river.


1. Look. Lucy is_____ a new bike today.

A. jumping B. running C. riding D takeing

2. The children _____ football.

A. is playing B. are playing C. play the D. play a

3. They ______TV in the evening. They do their homework.

A. are watching B. can’t watching C. don’t watch D. don’t watching

4. Listen! She____ in the classroom.

A. is singing B. sing C .to sing D. is sing

5. ______are you eating? I’m eating ______ meat.

A. What,some B. Which,any C. Where,not D. What,a

6. Is she ____ something?

A. eat B. eating C. eatting D. eats

7.My dictionary ___,I have looked for it everywhere but still___ it.

A. has lost,don’t find B. is missing,don’t find C. has lost,haven’t found D. is missing,haven’t found.

8..Having a computer for personal use is no easy task because technology _______ so rapidly.

A. is changing B. has changed C. will have changed D. will change

9. The building_______ ,I can’t stand the noise.

A. was being built B. is built C. is being built D. builds

10. I can’t catch up with the fashion,because the clothes style_______ all the time.

A. has changed B. is changed C. is changing D. changed

11. It’s six in the afternoon. The Greens_______ lunch together.

A. has B. are having C. have had D. had had

12. Don’t make any noise while the students_______ to the class.

A. are listening B. listened C. have listened D. had listened

13. Jack and Ketty_______ in the lake. Let’s join them,shall we?

A. swim B. have swum C. swam D. are swimming

14. Look! The children_______ basketball on the playground.

A. plays B. played C. is playing D. are playing

15. The kite_______ high in the sky now. It looks like a big bird.

A. has flown B. is flying C. was flying D. flew

16.As we all know,the population in the world _______ faster and faster.

A. is grown B. is growing C. are grown D. are growing

17. To my surprise,he_______ in class.

A. is always speaking B. would always speak C. has always been speaking D. does speak always

18. I want to know when he _______ for New York tomorrow.

A. has left B. is leaving C. had left D. has been leaving

19. He_______ of how he can do more for the people.

A. had always thought B. is always thinking C.has always been thought D. thinking always

20. Forests _______ and burned at such a speed that they will disappear from the earth in the future.

A.cut B. are cut C. are being cut D. had been cut


1. Are ,flying,I am 2. Are sitting, 3.Is,talking 4. are plying 5. are,doing 6.am singing 7. is,mending 8. is mending 9.are plying 10.is cooking 11. are having 12. Is ,writing 13. are flying 14.is singing, 15. is swimming

1.C 2.B 3.C 4.A 5.A 6.B 7.D 8.A 9C 10.C

11.B 12.A 13.D 14.D 15.B 16.B 17.A 18.B 19.B

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