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( )2.Mike is counting an insects. _________





( ) _________



( )4.I likes summer best. _________




( )5.Why season do you like best? _________




Ⅴ. 照例子,填一填( 10分) 例:run –running

1.fly--- 2.swim--- 3.jump--- 4.walk— 5.sleep--- 6.climb— 7.fight--- 8.swing— 9.drink--- 10.do--- Ⅵ.读句子,连线。(5%)

( )1. What are you doing? ( )2. Is her birthday in June? ( )3. What's the date? ( )4. What do you do on the weekend? ( )5. Are they doing an experiment? Ⅶ.选择填空。(20%)

( )1.What do you do ____the weekend?

A. on B. in C. at ( )2._____season do you like best?

A. Which B. What C. How ( )3.Kate ____ playing chess.

A. am B. is C. are ( )4.Can I speak ___John?

B. It's may the 5th. C. I'm answering the phone. D. Yes, it is.

E. I often going hiking. A. Yes, they are.

A. for B. to C. on ( )5.--- ___ they taking a picture?

--- Yes, they are.

A. Am B. Is C. Are ( )6.Look! She’s ___ there.

A. over B. to C. at ( )7.Hold ___ please!

A. to B. on C. up ( )8.---What’s Zhang Peng doing?


A. No, he isn’t B. Yes, he is C. He’ s having a picnic ( )9.They are ___ the woods.

A. in B. at C. on ( )10.The ants like ___ food.

A. sour B. sweet C. salty Ⅷ.连词成句。(10%)

1. they, catching butterflies, are (?)

3. play sports, I, at, 3:00, usually (.)

4. do, why, winter, you, like (?)


A. When B. usually C. What D. sometimes E. how much F. How many G. Which H. Why I. because J. in ( )1. _________birthdays are there in May?

( )2. _________is your birthday? ( )3. I________go to school at 6:00.

( )4. I often go home at 4:00, _________ I go home at 5:00. ( )5. I like that dress, _________ is it ? ( )6. _________season do you like best? ( )7. _________do you like spring?

( )8. I like summer, ________ it is sunny and warm. ( )9. __________are you doing ? ( )10. My birthday is ______ February.

Ⅹ.阅读对话,在括号里正确的用(T),错误的用(F)。(10%)Tom: Hello, this is Tom. Can I ask you some questions, please? John: Sure.

Tom: What are you doing? John: I’m watching TV.

Tom: What is your mother doing? John: She’s cooking dinner.

Tom: Do you know your mother’s birthday? John: Certainly. Her birthday is May 1st


Tom: OK. What about your father? Is his birthday in May ,too? John: No, his birthday is December 15th. Tom: What do you do on the weekend? John: I often play football. Tom: Thank you.

John: You’re welcome. Bye. )1. John is watching TV.

)2. John’s father is cooking dinner.

)3. John often plays basketball on the weekend. )4. John’s birthday is December 15th. )5. John’s mother’s birthday is May 1st.

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