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my days of the weekA2

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Unit2 My Days of the Week
Part A Let’s talk

Let’s chant !
Monday,Monday,math on Monday.

Tuesday,Tuesday,art on Tuesday.
Wednesday,Wednesday, Computers on Wednesday. Thursday,Thursday,P.E on Thursady. Friday,Friday,my favourite day!

-What day is it today? Monday -It’s _______. Monday /Today is _______.
What day is it tomorrow?(明天) It’s Tuesday. /Tomorrow is Tuesday.

Ask and answer

-What do you have on Mondays? -We have ____________.


Let’s try

Listen and circle: P17

Listen and answer:

? 1.What day is it today?
It’s Wednesday.

? 2.What does Amy have today? ? 3.Does Amy like Thursdays?
No, she likes Wednesdays. She has English, science, computer and P.E.

Make a dialogue编对话
-What day is it today? -It’s/Today is _____. -What do you have on _____s? -We have ______.


What day is it today?

It’s ….

What do you have on …s?
Mom Amy

We have ….

Group work What day do you like?
I like Mondays and Fridays. We have P.E. class. I like Tuesdays and Thursdays. We have art class.

John likes Mondays and Fridays, because he likes P.E ….

Let’s talk
What day is it today?

It’s ….
What do you have on …?

We have ….

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