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1. going/ have/ birthday/ are/ to/ you/ cake/ a (?)

2. do/ want/ play/ you/ chess/ to (?)

3. shouldn’t / books/ off/ take/ the/ you/ shelves/ the (.)

4. morning/ sing/ every/ together/ they / songs/ (.)

5. blind/ have/ people/ special/ many/ dog/ a (.)



___________________It’s ________________________.


--What are we going to do at the party? --_____________________

3.下雨了,Amy 的蓝连衣裙湿了。It’s raining. __________________________

4.在学校里,我们每天做早操。_________________________ every day at school.




Spring Festival is an important festival in China. It

comes in January or February. All family members get

together on New Year’s Eve to have a big meal. There’s

so much delicious food. We always eat jiaozi.

At about 12 o’clock in the evening, some parents

and children light fire crackers(点燃鞭炮). Children

love this a lot.

Spring Festival lasts fifteen days. We always visit our relatives from door to door. At that time, we say “Gongxi, gongxi”. Children are happy because they get many red packets(红包).

1.When is Spring Festival? ___________________________________

2.Do all family members have a big dinner together? ____________________

3.What do children like to do on New Year’s Eve?


4.How long does Spring Festival last? ____________________________

5.Do people give the children red packets? ____________________________

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