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第一讲( Unit 1 )


young [j??] 年轻的 funny [f?n?] 滑稽可笑的 tall [t?:l] 高的

kind [ka?nd ] 和蔼的;亲切的

short [??:t] 矮的

Mr [m?st?] 先生

Canada 加拿大

know [kn??] 知道

strict [str?kt] 严格的

active [?kt?v] 积极的;活跃的

lady [le?d?] 女士;小姐;夫人

quiet [kwa??t] 安静的;文静的

but [b?t] 但是

【 短语 】

who`s = who is what`s = what is

【 掌握音标学习 】

[i:] tea see [bl]

[br] bread library

【 重点句型 】

1.Who’s your English teacher?

2. What’s he like? He is tall and strong.

3. Is he quiet? Yes, she is ,but she’s very active.

strong [str??] 强壮的 old [??ld] 年老的 thin [θ?n] 瘦的 from [fr?m] 从,来自 like [la?k] 想;喜欢 principal [pr?ns?pl] 校长 smart [smɑ:t] 聪明的;巧妙的 Miss [m?s] 小姐 fun [f?n] 有趣;逗笑 very [ver?] 很;非常 he`s= he is she`s = she is blue black

4. Is she strict? Yes , she is, but she’s very kind.


1. 描述人物的外貌特征和性格特点:

主语+be+形容词。What’s ……like? ……像什么样?用于对人物的高矮,胖瘦,性格等的提问。 Eg:--What’s your math teacher like ?

--He’s tall and thin.



2. 询问并介绍学校中各科老师是谁并说名特征。

—Who is your….teacher? —Mr / Miss…

—What’s he / she like? —He/ She is + 形容词

Who’s……? 谁是……? 用于对人的提问

Eg Who’s your English teacher ? Miss Wang is my English teacher.


3. Our math teacher is very young.


第一人称单数“I”后接am, 如:I am strong.


如:You are smart! They’re young. Who are they?


如:He is active. Is she quiet? Who’s that young lady?

4. like的两种词性:

动词like 是“喜欢”,如:I like apples.

介词like 是“像…..”, What is your father like? You look like your father.

5 Is she young? 她年轻吗? No,she isn’t. 不,她不年轻。

Is he……? Is she….? 属于一般疑问句,用来询问关于他或她的一件事或一个情况是否属实,答语通常是Yes或No, 或相当与Yes 或No的词语。

Is she a university student? No, she isn’t.

6. She (她) 和her(她的) 意思和用法是不一样的

She 用来代替某位女性,在句子中当主语:She’s from England. Is she pretty?

而her 一般和另外一个名词组成名词短语充当句中的某个成分,如:

Her class is so much fun! Her hair is long.




______ is your _____ Chinese teacher ?

2.她长得怎么样? 哦,她又高又瘦。

_____ she like ? Oh, she is tall and thin.


Is he ________? Yes, and he is very ______


1.that is young who man (?)

2. is Our principal kind very(.)

3.class what like your is (?)

back home on time. But today he is late. His mother asks him,"Why are you late today?"

"I am in the headmaster`s office."

"Why do you do to the headmaster`s office?"

"Because my teacher asks us a question in class, and nobody can answer it, but I can."

"It`s good to answer the teacher`s questions."

"And the question is 'Who puts ink on my chair?"


headmaster [hed`mɑ:st?] n.校长

nobody [n??b?d?] pron. 谁也不,没有人 put on 放在……上



( )1. A. B. C.

( )2.A. B. C,

( )3.A. B. C.

( )4.A. B. C.

( )5. A. B.


( )1.A.8:30 B.8:50

( )2.A.SD 2687 B.SB 2787

( )3.A.He’s smart and strict. B.She’s strong and strict.

( )4.A.Miss Carter is funny. B.Mr Carter isn’t funny.

( )5.A . Are you from Canada? B.Are you from China?

三、听录音,选出你所听到的最佳应答,把答案写在括号里:(10分)( )1.A.Yes, he is. B. No, she isn’t. C.He’s short.

( )2.A.She’s pretty. B.He’s Mr Black.

C.Yes, she is.


( )3.A.No, she’s old. B.Yes, it is. C.She’s young. ( )4.A.No, he’s Mike. B.Yes, he’s John. C.He’s John. ( )5.A. No, he is. B.Yes, he is. C.Yes, he isn’t.


1.Is your principal_________________?

2. ___________ that old man?

3. My mother is___________with me.

4. Our P.E. teacher isn’t________________.

5.Are you an________________ student?


( )1.What’s Mr Ma like?

A. He’s tall and quiet. B.He’s quiet. C.Young and quiet.

( )2. Who’s the lady?

A.My teacher. B.My mother. C.My friend.

( )3. Is Cathy’s brother strong?

A.No, he’s strong. B.He’s strong. C.No, he’s thin.

( )4.Where are they from?

A. Canada. B. America. C.China.

( )5.How many new teachers do we have?

A. 2 B. 4 C. 3


一、判断下列单词画线部分发音是否一致,是的打” √”,错的打”X”.(10分)

1. ) ( ) ) ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ) ( ) ( )


( ) 1. your English teacher? ---Mr Carter.

A. Who B. Who’s C.What

( ) 2. Xu is tall. He’s our math teacher.

A. Mr B.Miss C. Mrs

( ) 3. Tom is university student.

A. a B. an C. the

( ) 4. you have new teachers?

A. Are B. Do C. Is

( ) 5. he quiet?

A. Are B. Am C. Is

( ) 6. ---What’s Sarah’s mother like? A. He likes math. B. She is short. C. He is Chenjie.

( ) 7. She is strict. she is kind.

A. And B.But C. Is

( .

A. fun B. funny C. smart

( ) 9. I am from . I am Chinese.

A. China B. Canada C. America

( ) 10. What he like?

A. am B. is C. are


1. The____________(年轻的)lady is my aunt.

2. Our Chinese teacher is____________(先生) Smith.

3, She’s ______________(非常) tall.

4. My brother is quiet, __________(但是)I’m active.

5.__________(谁是) your computer teacher?

四、连词成句 (10分)

1. university, a , she’s ,student.

2. three, we ,teachers, have ,new

3. your, classmate, what’s , like


4. tall, he’s , strong, and.


5.teacher, your , Chinese , who’s

五.根据所给的中文, 在横线上填上一个单词(10分)


________ is your _______________ teacher?


__________ Amy’s brother ____________?


________ tall and___________.

4. 她是不是一个活跃的男孩?

______ she _______ active boy?

5. 她是年轻的。


A部分 听力材料


1.Our principal is old. 2.My English teacher is active.

3. Our music teacher is funny. 4.The university student is smart.

5. He’s strong.


1. 8:50 2. SD2687 3. He’s smart and strict.

4. Miss Carter is funny. 5.Are you from China?


1.What’s your father like? 2.Who’s your math teacher?

3. Is the tall lady young? 4. Who’s that boy? 5. Is he smart?


1,2, 4, Our P.E. teacher isn’t


1. A: Look at that young man. He’s Mr Ma.

B: Is he your math teacher?

A: Yes, he is.

B: What’s he like?

A: He’s very quiet.

2. A: Is the old lady your Chinese teacher, Amy?

B: No, she isn’t. She’s my mother.

3. A: Are your brother tall and strong, Cathy?

B: No, he isn’t. He’s thin.

4. A:Are you from the U.S.A.?

B: No, we’re Chinese.

5. A: We have two new teachers, Zhang Peng.

B: Really? Who are they?’

A: They’re Miss White and Mr Black.

B部分 【答案】:


一、A C C C B

二、B A A A B

三、B B A C B

四、1.kind 2.Who’s 3.strict 4. short 5.active

五、C B C C A


一、X X √ X √ X √ X X √

二、B A A B C B B AA B

三、1.young 2. Mr 3. very 4. but 5. Who’s

四、1. She`s a university student.

五、1. Who, Chinese 2.What’s , like 3. He’s , thin

4. Is, an 5. She’s young.

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