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(人教新起点)五年级英语下册课件 unit12 lesson67

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warm up
do the dishes 1.After dinner, you need to _____________.

2. If your clothes are duty, you need to wash your clothes . _______________ 3. If the dustbin is full, you have to _____________.
take out the garbage

4. If there is lots of dust on the floor, you have to sweep the floor ___________.
5. After you get up in the morning, you need to make the bed ___________.
clean the bike 6. If your bike is dirty, you have to ____________.

pair work Binbin: Lily. How often do you go to the school? Lily: Five times a week. Binbin: How often do you brush your teeth? Lily: I brush my teeth very day. Binbin: I have to brush my teeth every day, too. How often do you go to climb mountain? Lily: Once a week. What about you? Binbin: Twice a week. Lily: I like climbing hills, Can we climb a mountain tomorrow? Binbin: That’s good.

evert day

three times a week

once a week







Do a survey


do the dishes

How often
every day

I have to wash my clothes three times a week.
I have to see my grandma once a week.

I have to do my homework everyday.

D: I’m going to the movie this evening.
M: Yes. But first you have to wash the clothes.

S: I’m going to play
basketball this afternoon? D: Yes. But first you have to take out the garbage.

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