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人教新起点版英语五年级下册《Unit 13 Lesson 73(1)》课件

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Unit 13 Last Weekend
Lesson 73
文明小学 毕灵娜

watch TV

do homework

go to the park

play the piano

visit grandparents

clean the living room

stay at home

go to a dancing lesson

动词 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? do go play visit clean stay watch

动词的过去式 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? did went played visited cleaned stayed watched

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

did homework went to the park went to a dancing lesson played the piano visited grandparents cleaned the living room stay at home watched TV

A: What did you do last weekend, Yaoyao? B: On Saturday morning, I watched TV. On Saturday afternoon, I cleaned the room. On Sunday morning, I went to the park. On Sunday afternoon, I played the piano.

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