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一. 词汇判断(每小题2分,共40分)

1. 乘客 旅客 A. guest B. host C. passenger D. postman

2. 喝 饮料 A. eat B. drink C. have D. take

3. 黑暗的 暗处A. park B. black C. dark D. duck

4. 屏幕 银屏 A. green B. scream C. screen D. cream

5. 旅行 A. trip B. lip C. trick D. tip

6. 是否 A. weather B. whether C. although D. however

7. 航班 A. flight B. light C. fight D. fighting

8. 也 两者之一 A. too B. also C. either D. neither

9. 障碍 A. handle B. hurt C. hurdle D. heart

10. 奖章 勋章 A. model B. medal C. metal D. media

11. 钢 A. gold B. stone C. silver D. steel

12. 例子 样本 A. example B. purple C. apple D. able

13. 有吸引力的 引起注意的

A. active B. charming C. attractive D. notice

14. 迷 狂热者 扇子 A. crazy B. fan C. favorite D. fun

15. 第二 A. second B. two C. first D. third

16. 习语 成语 A. phrase B. idiom C. pattern D. passage

17. 递 送 A. deal B. decision C. decide D. deliver

18. 使烦扰 A. boring B. worried C. bore D. born

19. 背诵 A. repeat B. practice C. read D. recite

20. 清楚地 A. clearly B. clean C. cleaning D. confuse


21.--- Oh, it’s you! I didn’t recognize you.

--- I’ve just had my hair ____ and I’m ____ new glasses.

A. cutting with B. cut wearing

C. cutting wearing D. cut worn

22.—I ____ to see an old friend of mine when I was walking on the

street yesterday.

A. happens B. happen C. would happen D. happened

23. As a student, you must finish your homework____.

A. at time B. for time C. on time D. in time

24. The thing_____ in a small town years ago.

A. happen B. took place C. was taken place D. took the place

25. He says he often____ a walk after supper every day.

A. have B. had C. having D. has

26. ____ trees have been planted on the hills.

A. Thousand B. Thousand of C. Thousands of D. Ten thousands

27. That he won the race could____ a great victory for us.

A. looked on as B. be looked as

C. be regarded as D. be considering as

28. Mr. Li has a special way of teaching and he always makes his

classes ____ and interesting.

A. lovely B. lively C. living D. live

29. May the__ between the people of the two countries be evergreen.

A. friend B. friendly C. friendship D. friends

30. I found Physics is very____ but I’m ____ in English.

A. bored interesting B. boring interesting

C. boring interested D. bored interested

31. You should ___ to work hard if you want to have a better future.

A. do you best B. try your best

C. try your better D. try your good

32. I hope I can go to travel in Sydney _____.

A. some day B. sometimes C. some time D. some days

33. The man asked the policeman _____.

A. let him to go B. to let him to go

C. let him go D. to let him go

34. The clothes____ very soft.

A. are felt B. are feeling C. feel D. feels

35. ____ come here on time, Jim.

A. Does B. Do C. Did D. To do

36. She said she ____ tell him immediately when he came back.

A. will B. is going to C. would D. could

37. ---“What day is it today ?”


A. cloudy B. fine C. Monday D. December 19, 2013

38. Everything is_____ lighter on the moon than on the earth.

A. so B. more C. much D. very

39. The more we know the world, _____ we will be.

A. the more success B. the more successful

C. the most succeed D. the most successful

40. Some students find it is ____ difficult ____ learn a foreign


A. too to B. too for C. to too D. such to


41. 真诚的祝福你的父母!


42. 中国男子足球队没他们成功。


43. 她曾经到世界各地旅行。


44. 星期天公园里有成百上千的人。


45. 我们以汽车为例。


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