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一. 词汇判断(每小题2分,共20分)

1. 摄氏温度的 A. grade B. centigrade C. degree D. temperature

2. 希望 盼望 A. hold B. hope C. hopeful D. hopeless

3. 改变 变更 A. choose B. chance C. change D. changeable

4. 集合 聚集 A. gather B. collect C. altogether D. together

5. 庆祝 庆典

A. celebration B. congratulation C. situation D. introduction

6. 扫 清除 A. spend B. sweet C. suggest D. sweep

7. 运气 幸运 A. lunar B. luck C. lunch D. lucky

8. 悬挂 绞死 A. rang B. sang C. bang D. hang

9. 张贴 用浆糊粘 A. past B. pasta C. paste D. pass

10. 鲜艳的 多彩的 A. forgetful B. wonderful C. colorful D. careful

二. 单项选择(每小题2分,共60分)

11. Of all the three foreign friends, one is from London, ____ two from New York. A. other B. the other C. the others D. others

12. The room ____ window is still bright is our English teacher’s office.

A. which B. its C. whose D. that

13. --- My teacher asked me to write a passage about____ in English. --- You can write____ passage in English ?

A. 600 words ; a 600-words B. 600 word; a 600-words

C. 600-words; a 600-words D. 600 words; a 600-word

14.The weather in Zhengzhou is quite different from__ in my hometown.

A. what B. that C. which D. where

15. Tom was disappointed that most of the guests____ when he____ at the party.

A. left; had arrived B. left; arrived

C. had left; had arrived D. had left; arrived

16.The new secretary is supposed to report to the manager as soon as he_.

A. will arrive B. arrives C. is going to arrive D. is arriving

17.---Excuse me. Have you got an eraser ?

---Sorry, I haven’t. Why not ____ Mary? Perhaps she has.

A. ask B. to ask C. asking D. asked

18. ___ any friends in the city, he felt quite lonely and helpless.

A. Not having B. No having C. Not to have D. No to have

19. There is a famous saying going like this “Where there is a will, there is a _____.” A. path B. road C. way D. walk

20. ____ you have done might do harm to other people.

A. What B. Which C. That D. This

21. He works very hard____ improve his family’s living conditions.

A. as to B. so as to C. so that D. for

22. Mum, this T-shirt is much too small for me. Would you please buy me a ____ one ? A. nice B. large C. nicer D. larger

23. I____ the book by the end of the summer vocation.

A. will finish B. will have finished

C. will be finished D. will having finished

24. My shirt costs_____ yours.

A. twice as much as B. as twice much as

C. two times as more as D. as much as twice

25. You can only borrow one book_____.

A. at times B. at one time C. for time D. in time

26. My uncle came when I____ cards with my parents at seven yesterday.

A. played B. am playing C. had played D. was playing

27. Tom did quite well, he made very____ mistakes.

A. a few B. few C. little D. a little

28. You’d better____ outside since it is already dark outside.

A. not going B. to go C. to not go D. not go

29. All the machines____ by the end of next week.

A. have repaired B. will have repaired

C. had been repaired D. will have been repaired

30. You must____ yourself for your new post in a short time.

A. qualified B. qualify C. qualification D. quality

31. They stood there, ____ the sun ____ in the east.

A. watched; rise B. watching; to rise

C. watching; rising D. to watch; rise

32. Tom is ____ than any other student in our class

A. tall B. the tallest C. taller D. the taller

33. She became_____ as the years went by.

A. more beautiful and more beautiful B. much and much beautiful

C. more and more beautiful D. much and more beautiful

34. The girl was_____ disappointed to say a word.

A. to B. too C. so D. very

35. Please_____ the best answer from the following four_____.

A. choose; choices B. chooses; choices

C. choice; choosing D. choosing; choices

36. ___ are taught how to do the work.

A. A blind B. The blind C. Blind D. These blind

37. His ideas are quite____ mine.

A. different about B. difference from C. indifferent to D. different from

38. How about ___ shopping tomorrow ?

A. going B. to going C. go D. went

39. It____ heavily when I woke up early this morning.

A. is raining B. was raining C. has rained D. would rain

40. When John____ in London, he went to see the House of Parliament first. A. came B. reached C. arrived D. got

三.汉译英(每小题4分,共20分) 41.她失去了生活的信心。

42.对于我们来说学习英语很重要。 43.请仔细考虑我说的话。


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