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外研版(一起)五年级英语下册《Module 5 Unit 1》教学课件4

发布时间:2014-01-21 17:56:27  

1. What’s the matter with Lingling’s bag ? 2. What will Ms Smart buy for Lingling ?

3. What colour is Lingling’s new bag ?

Your bag is broken.

1. It’s big, It’s rectangular, and it’s

black . It’s on the front wall of the classroom . What is it ?

2. It’s an animal .
It’s black and white .

It wears big black glasses on its face .
Its ears are round. It’s very cute .

3. It's round and green outside and yellow or red inside. It can grow as big as a basketball. It’s sweet . what is it?

What is your watch like ?

It is beautiful.

What is your coat like ?

It is big.

A survey
What is/are your…like ? bag trousers watch books … long short big small heavy light …

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