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pep人教版小学英语五年级上册 Unit4

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cook the meal

empty the trash sweep the floor

wash the

window water the flowers

clean the bedroom

set the table

make the bed

do housework

do the dishes

put away the clothes

wash the clothes

use a computer

play chess

Snow White

the Seven Dwarfs

Can you do the housework?

No, I can’t. But I’d like to have a try!

have a try 试一试

empty the trash make the bed

clean the bedroom

set the table

sweep the floor water the flowers

cook the meals

do the dishes

wash the clothes

I can do housework now!

---- Can you clean the bedroom?

---- No, I can’t.
---- Can you cook the meals? ---- No, I can't. But Snow White can.

---- Are you helpful at home? ---- Sure.

---- What can you do?
---- I can put away the clothes. ---- Great!

---- What can you do?
---- I can wash the clothes. ---- And I can clean the window.

---- What can you do? ---- I can cook the meals and

do the dishes.
---- OK. Just do it!

---- What's your name? ---- My name is Robot.
---- Robot, can you water the flowers? ---- No, I can't.

---- Can you make the bed?
---- No, I can't.

---- What can you do?

---- I can play chess.
---- Can you use a computer? ---- Yes, I can. I am a computer.

---- What can you do, Mr. Robot? ---- I can Water the flowers.

---- Wow! Great!

I can wash my clothes.
Can you wash the clothes? I can ride a bike.

Can you ride a bike?
I can cook for my parents.

Can you cook?

A: What can you do? B: I can….

? 1. Are you A. help away.

at home, Kate? Yes, I am . B. helpful C. helping

? 2. I can't wash the clothes . But I ___ put them A. can A.Yes, it can. B. can’t B.Yes, it is.
. B. He can do

C. am

? 3. Is a robot a computer ? ? 4.What can Amy do ? A. I can do housework. housework. C. She can do housework.

C.No, it isn't.


1. Can you do housework?
肯定回答:Yes, I can.

否定回答:No, I can't. ? 2. I can empty the trash.(改为一般疑问句) Can you empty the trash?

3. What can you do, Chen Jie ?(答:我能摆饭桌) I can set the table.


4. the, clothes, Sarah, wash, can't (.)(连词成句)
Sarah can't wash the clothes.


5. Robot can play chess.(英译中)

? I'm helpful. I can …. ? ---- What can you do? ---- I can ….

? ---- Can you …? ---- Yes, I can. / No, I can't.

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