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语:watch a movie (the animals) , have supper , fly kites ,buy clothes ,play badminton. 2.过程方法:通过小组合作等形式,能够 准确的理解并练习We go to the to . Do you go to the to ? 进行口语交流。 3.情感态度价值观:通过体验、合作、创 设情景等途径,使学生参与其中,乐于学 习。

? 说出并且灵活运用重点句型: We / I go to the to . ? My family likes to go to the to .

We go to the movie theatre to watch a movie

We go to a restaurant to have supper

We go to the park to fly kites

Do you go to the zoo to watch the animals

Do you go to the store to buy clothes

Do you go to the gym to play badminton

练习: 一、翻译句子 1. Having fun together. 2. We go to a restaurant to have supper. 3. What do you like to do ? 4. I like to go to the gym.


1. We go to the store to___________.

2. Do you go to the gym to________?

3. I go to school to __________.

4. We go to the restaurant to______.

三、 阅读理解: I’m Tom There are five people in my family. My grandfather , My grandmother, father, mother and I. I’m twelve years old. My mother is thirty years old. My mother is a doctor. She goes to work on her bicycle. I like to play computer games. I love my family.

阅读短文,回答下面问题: 1. How many people are there in Tom’s family ? 2. Who are they ? 3. How old is Tom’s mother ? 4. What does his mother do ?

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