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单元测试题 Unit 1—4


( ( (

( ( (


1.Who (打破) the window yesterday?

2.Jenny and Mike (打扫) the floor last night.

3.Mother (带) Jack to Beijing last summer vacation.

4.The wind (吹) down the big tree in front of our house.

5.Peter (写) a letter to his friend Mike the day before yesterday.

6. Don’t (喝) too much cola. It’s not good for you.

(唱) the nice song last night?

8.It was (下雪的) here last winter.

9.It ’s a nice model ship. Who (制作) it?

10.The students (去) to the park to have a party last Friday.


( )1.— you in England yesterday? —Yes, I .

A. Are, am B. Were, was C. Was, was

( )2. —Where you go this morning? —I to the park.

A. did, went B. were, was C. do, go

( )3. — was the food like? —It was .

A. Which, tasty B. What, snowy C. What, yucky

( )4. —What ? — were chairs in the air.

A. happen, There B. happened, They C. happened, There

( )5.—Did you eat this afternoon? —Yes, we did.

A. any tofu B. any tofus C. some tofus

( )6.—What was the like? —It was .

A. food, rainy B. weather, snowy C. weather, yucky

( )7.——I was in Beijing.

A. What was B. When were C. Where were ( )8. —What was the weather like in Canada in winter? —.

A. They are sunny. B. It was cold and snowy. C. It ’s cold.

( )9—the day before yesterday, but they ’renow.

A. good, bad B. bad, good C. yucky, tasty

( )10.—Where were you ? —We were in England.

A. tomorrow B. last year C. today

( )11.Is your friend thirsty? . A. Yes, we are. B. Yes, I am. C. Yes, he is.

( )12.Let’s . A. fly B. flies C. flying

( )13.This is old stapler. A. a B. an C. am

( )14.Thank you.

( Tuesday? A. on B. in C. under

( )16.What day is it today? Wednesday. A. Is B. It C. It’s

( )17.Are these skateboards theirs? .

A. Yes, it is B. Yes, they are. C. No, he isn’t.

( )18.She doesn’t A. want B. wants C. to want

( )19. is my grandmother. A. He B. She C. They

( )20.A:Where your mother last month? B:She was in Beijing.

A. did B. were C. was


( )1.Where did you come from? A. Rice, chicken and fish.

( )2.Where did you go last month? B. I went to the zoo.

( )3.Were you at home last night? C. Yes, I was.

( )4.What did you eat this morning? D. I came from Canada.

( )5.What happened? E. Many trees fell.


A:Good morning, John.

B:(1) ,Tony.

A:Where are you going?

B: .

A:It’s Saturday today. We have no classes today.

B:Oh. I usually wake up early and get up at 6:00 in the morning.

A: at 6:00 every day?

B:Yes, I do. And you?

A:(4) :30. B:So you are sometimes late for school.



A:Good morning.

B: Good . A: I’m

B: May I have a look? A: B: . A: You are welcome.

A:I went to . I just came back yesterday.

B:Oh, that’s great. did you do there?

A:I to some museums and saw many interesting things.

B:What the weather like?

A:It was and . I have a cold there.

B:Oh, you need more clothes.


1 They are in Class Four. (变为一般疑问句)

2 My father is washing a car. (变为否定句)

3 Sandy and Sue fly their kites. (变为现在进行时)

4 Are there any tomatoes on the table? (做否定回答)

九、阅读理解。根据短文内容,判断句子是否与短文相符,相符的在括号里写―T‖, 不相符的写―F‖ 。(12分)


If you are in a hurry(匆匆忙忙) and you want to have a quick meal, there is no better place than a self–service(自助) restaurant. You go into the restaurant, then pick up(拿起) a tray(托盘), a knife, a fork and a spoon. Next you can pick out(挑选) the food you like and put them on your tray. Then you take the tray to any table you like. You can sit alone or with another customer(顾客). You can have a good meal in ten minutes. And there is no waiter, you don’t have to give a tip(小费). Finally you go to the cashier’s(出纳员)and pay for(付款) your meal.

( )1. In the restaurant, you can’t pick up a tray, a knife, a fork and a spoon.

( )2. In the self–service restaurant, you can sit alone or with others.

( )3.After you finish your meal, you pay your money to the cashier.

( )4.There are some waiters in the self–service restaurant.

( )5.You can have your meal quickly in this restaurant.


I was busy during the winter holiday. I did my homework and did some reading. Sometimes I helped my mother do some housework. Before the Spring Festival we were busy with our housework. We had to clean all the furniture. We were very tired after cleaning the house, but we were happy for it was very clean and comfortable. During the Spring Festival, I visited many friends and relatives. Yeah, I got lots of lucky money. Do you know how to make good use of the money?


( )1. I was busy in the winter holiday.

( )2. We cleaned the house but we were not tired.

( )3. Our house was clean and comfortable after the cleaning.

( )4. I got lucky money before the Spring Festival.


5. I did my during the winter holiday.

6. I helped my do some .

7. During the Spring Festival, I visited many and .


1.Do you like English?

2.Are you swimming now?

3.Can you swim?

4.Did you watch TV yesterday?

5. Are you going to watch TV tonight?

6.When’s Children’s Day?

7.When’s Teachers’ Day?

8. When’s New Year’s Day?

9. When’s Women’s Day?

10. When’s Christmas Day?

11. When’s National Day?

12. When’s your birthday?

13.Is there a big library in your school?

14.How many days are there in a week?

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