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boy girl teacher student friend man woman

father(dad) mother(mom) grandmother(grandma) grandfather(grandpa) sister brother

eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty one two three four five six seven eight nine ten

peach pear watermelon orange apple banana grapes strawberry

bus bike taxi jeep

small big short tall long

giraffe deer ant fish goose kangaroo duck dog elephant lion mouse snake squirrel tiger fox zebra zoo

CAN PRC UK USA A.M.(a.m.) P.M.(p.m.) TV

ice-cream egg hamburger hot dog

Coke coffee milk water juice

desk chair bag walkman lamp key night nest queen rain rainbow umbrella vest violin window wind box yo-yo

三、重点句型复 习

1. A: Nice to see you again. B: Nice to see you, too.

2. A: Where are you from?

B: I’m from China./America/Canada/ PRC/ USA/ CAN/ UK

3. A: I’m sorry. B: It’s OK.

4.有人敲门你说:Come in, please.


Welcome back to school.

1. A: Who’s this(that) man(boy)? B: He’s my father(brother).

2. A: Who’s this(that woman(girl)? B: She’s my mother(sister).

3. A: 当你要鼓励你的朋友一起和你玩时,英语怎么说: B: Come on!

4. A: Let’s watch TV. B:OK!/Great!

5. A: Is she your sister? B: No, my mom.(Yes, she is).

6. A: 怎么用英语表达“多大的一条鱼啊!” B: What a big fish!

7. A: 怎么用英语介绍自己的家庭:

B: This is my family.

1. A: How many kites can you see? B: I can see twelve.(Twelve.)

2. A: How many crayons do you have? B: I have 16.(Sixteen crayons.)

3. A: 怎么用英语集合: B: Line up.

4. A:“对的”、“正确的”英语怎么说: B: That’s right.(You’re right.)

5. A:“我有一些巧克力”怎么说: B: I have some chocolates.

6. A:“有些什么在盒子里面”怎么说: B: What’s in the box?

7.你想知道盒子里装些什么东西?叫对方打开它?Open it and see.

1. A: Do you like pears?

B: Yes, I do. 或者说:No, I don’t. 或者说:Sorry, I don’t like pears.

2. A: What about grapes? B: Yes, please.

3. A: Have some juice, please. B: Thanks. 或答:No, thank you.

4. A: I’m hungry.(我肚子饿)。 B: I’m hungry, too.

5. A: Can I have an apple, please? B: Certainly.(Sure, here you are.

6. A: Have some more. B: No, thank you.

1. A: Where is my ruler?

B: It’s under(in/on the book.)(Under(in/on the book.))

2. A: Where is Zip? B: Ha! Ha! I’m here.

3. A: 怎么用英语提醒别人“小心、当心、留神”: B: Look out!/Watch out!

4. A: 怎么用英语说“对不起,打扰了!” B: Excuse me.

5. A: Can I use your pencil? B: No problem.

6. A: 怎么用英语说:“祝“三八”妇女节快乐!” B: Happy Women’s Day!

7. A: 怎么用英语说:“祝儿童节快乐!” B: Happy Children’s Day!

1. A: Look at the elephant. B: Wow, it’s so big!

2. A: I have a monkey. B: Cool. / Super. / Wow.

3. A:“它有一条长尾巴”英语怎么说: B: It has a long tail.

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