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1.昨晚八点他在看电视,他妈妈在做饭。 he was ______________________________________ watching TV while his mather was cooking at eight last night 2.鸡要比奶牛小得多。 much smaller Chickens ___________________than cows. 3.我们校园变得越来越漂亮。 gets(becomes) more and more beautiful Our school __________________________. 4.昨天花了我一小时完成作业。 It took me an hour to finish my homework ________________________________ yesterday. 5.对于我们来说保持健康是必要的。 It is necessary for us ________________________to keep health. 6.我不如他跑到快。 don’t run as fast as I _______________________ he

7.他画得多么好啊! How well he draws! ________________________________! 8.他在查字典当我看见他时。 _________________________ He was looking up a dictionary when I saw him.. 9.你能告诉我你在做什么? What you are doing Could you tell me ___________________________? 10.我想知道你是否能借你的书给我吗? 11.I want to know ___________________________________? if /whether you can lend your books to me 12.他长得越来越高。 grows taller and taller . He ______________________________________.

13.你练得越多,你做起来越容易。 The more the easier ___________ you practice, ___________ you do. 14.我们常花两小时做作业。 It often takes us two hours to do our homework. ______________________________________ _________. 15.努力学习对我们来说很重要。 It’s important for us to work hard./ It is important that we work ______________________________________. hard 16.这首歌听起来很美妙。 sounds very beautiful The song ________________________.

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