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东华小升初英语 2007

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考试时间40分钟 满分100

一、 词汇。(15分)

A 选择正确的字母组合补全单词。

( )1. dict___ary A.oin B. ion C.eon

( ) 2.stud____ A.ied B.yed C.yied

( ) 3. sc___ce A. in B.ein C.ien

( ) 4. af___oon A.ter B.tern C.ten

( ) 5.clean____ A. er B. or C. eer


( )1. A .small B. long C. old D. stronger

( )2. A .watched B. play C. go D. see

( )3.A .ship B. school C. subway D. plane

( )4. A .morning B. riding C. making D. diving


Model: 1. I cleaned my house yesterday. I was ____(r,e,t,i,d).

2. People in that city often go_____ (i,i,s,n,k,g)in winter

3. I‘m going to ______(r,e,n,a,l) English on my holiday

4. My uncle is an_____( e,e,e,n,n,g,r,i) in a car company.

5. She‘s very good at playing the _____(i,i,l,v,o.n)

6. Collecting _____(s,s,p,m,t,a) is my favourite

二、 根据情景,选择正确的答案(10分)

( )1.—I often go to school by bus,What about you ?--_________

A. Me,too B. I don‘t know C I‘m sorry

( )2.—What ?s your hobby?--______

A. I‘m a teacher B. I like swimming C. I;m Jack

( )3.—Mary,your English is very good.--_______

A.No, I don‘t B. You‘re right C. Thank you

( )4.---_________ --It‘s sunny and warm

A. What‘s the matter with you B. What‘s the weather like in Kunming

C. What‘s the date today

( )5. --________ --She‘s a TV reporter.

A. What does your sister like doing B. What‘s your sister going to do?

C. What does your sister do?

( )6.--_____ ? --I wear size 20

A. How big are your feet B. How long are your feet C. How bigger are your feet ( )7.Excuse me Where is the bank ,please?--________


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A. Idon‘t want to tell you B. Sorry,I don‘t know C. Here you are

( )8.你想知道John上周末干了什么,你应该问他:

A.What did you do last weekend,John? B. Where did you go last weekend,John?

C.How did you go there last weekend.John?

( )9. 你不小心把同学的书弄脏了,你应该对他说:

A Excuse me B. I‘m sorry C. I‘m very sorry to here that

( )10. 你告诉你妈妈你比Mike 高,你应该对你的妈妈说;

A.I‘m tall than Mike B. Mike is taller than me C. I‘m taller than Mike


( )1. The rain comes from the ____.

A. sun B. clouds C. vapour

( )2. Can I have ____ orange juice, please

A. some B. an C.a

( )3. In China,driver drive on the ___side of the road

A. right B.left C. middle

( )4. If you feel ______ ,you must se the doctor

A. happy B. bored C. sick

( )5. The cinema is north of the hospital. So the hospital is ___ of the cinema

A. east B. south C. west

( )6. The killer whale has 40 teeth each ___20cm long.

A. up to B. has C. are

( )7. ___are running in the park

A. Jack and Jim B. Mr Black C. Amy‘s mother

( )8. My rule is 5cm ___than yours

A. taller B.smaller C. tall

( )9. She‘s supper! She can jump ___than others

A. higher B hight C, tall

( )10. We ___to Guangzhou at 8:00 last night

A. get B. got C. go

( )11. Wu Yifan doesn‘t ___to school by subway

A. goes B. went C, go

( )12.—What ___the woman like?—She‘s tall and young

A. is B. does C. are

( )13. My leg ___.My throat is ____

A. sore,hurt B. hurts,sore C. hurts ,hurts

( )14. Thanks for ___me.

A. tell B. tells C. telling

( )15. They helped the old woman ___ clothes yesterday


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A. wash B.washing C. washed


1.我非常喜欢阅读杂志。 --I like ____magazines very much.

2. 我们应该努力学习。 We _____ study hard.

3.爬山是我的爱好。 ____ ____ is my holiday.

4. 昨天你买礼物了吗? Did you ____ _____ yesterday?

5.看,他们在跳舞,他们多兴奋啊! Look,they are _____.How _____ they are!

6.一直走5分钟,你就会看到图书馆。 Go _____for 5 munites,then you can see the ____.


1. I go to work ____ bike and my sister goes ___ foot

2. If you have a fever,stay ____ bed ____a few days

3.—Does your father teach English? --No,he ____.He ____ math

4.--_____the ____ with you,Sarah? --My throat hurts.

5.-- _____ ____ are you?—I‘m 70kg --Oh,I‘m 60kg.You‘re 10kg ___than me.

6. --____ did you go on your holiday?—I went to Shanghai

--____ did you go there --By train

--____did you go with? --I went wit my friend,Amy

--____ you have a good time there? – Yes,we had a lot of fun.


It was Saturday morning.Mary wanted to ___to the park with her ____Amy at 8:00 . But She ___up at 8:00. It was very late.She rode her ___bike very quickly.At the traffic lights,the ___light was ___.Mary didn‘t stop .A ___stopped her and said,‘‘Please get ___your bike.Did you see the red right?—Yes I____.But I______ see you.‘‘



Tom came home from school with a new book.

It‘s a prize .Mom.Tom said. ―A prize ? what for ,dear?‘ Mom asked him.

?For the natural lesson.The teacher asked us how many legs an ostrich(鸵鸟) had and I said three.‘‘But an ostrich has only two legs‘‘I know it now. But all the other students said four. So my answer is the closest‘

1. Tom is a ____ A.school boy B.salesperson C. writer

2. Tom got the prize in a ___ lesson A. math B. English C. natural

3. Tom‘s answer to the question is ____ A. right B. wrong C. good

4. An ostrich has ___ legs A. two B.three C.four

5. ―closest‖ in the story means ___ A. 最接近 B.最滑稽 C.最特别


Kathy: hello,2833847.This is Kathy speaking.


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Jacky: Sorry, Kathy,Mike speak to Mike?

Kathy: That‘s OK.Please leave a message for me.

Ask Mike to call me at seven this evening.My telephone NO. is 8765432.Thanks!

Jacky:You‘re welcome!


Four friends are in a small town. Their names are Cook,Miller,Smith and Karter. They have different jobs. One is a teacher.,one is a driver,one is a doctor and one is a farmer.

One day, Cook‘s son breaks(弄伤)his foot ,and Cook takes him to the doctor.The doctor‘s sister is Smith‘s wife.Cook isn‘t a driver.The farmer isn‘t married(结婚).He has many good hens. Miller gets eggs from the farmer every week. The teacher sees Smith every morning because they are neighbors(邻居).Now please tell me what they do.

1. Cook is a ____ A. teacher B. driver C.doctor C.farmer

2. Miller is a ____ A. teacher B. driver C.doctor C. farmer

3. Smith is a ____ A. teacher B. driver C.doctor C. farmer

4. Karter is a ____ A. teacher B. driver C.doctor C.farmer










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