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牛津小学6AU7-Part A教案

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6B Unit 7(Part A)教学方案

年级—六年级 单元-- Unit 7 课型—新授课


1.能理解会读词汇writing paper, envelope, e-mail address

2.能初步理解会读会用日常交际用语Can I have a …?What for? I want to…

3. 能读懂课



2. 正确发音writing paper, envelope, e-mail address

媒体:电脑,PPT课件 投影

摄像注明:(老师)镜头对教师,(学生)镜头对学生 (课件___)镜头对课件__(光碟)镜头对光碟 (暂停。。。)屏幕上显示暂停 (卡片)教师手持卡片



Step 1 词汇学习 (约3分钟)

T--Hi! Boys and girls. Glad to see you again.同学们好,很高兴再次见到大家。 Today, let’s

learn a new Unit-Unit 7 A letter to a penfriend. Here’re two new words. Look. PPT2–Look. Letter means书信let’s learn(播放录音两遍),penfriend means笔友a letter tp

a penfriend means一份给笔友的信。

T—By the way, do you have a penfriend? I have a penfriend, he lives in Canada. Now,

I want to write a letter to him. What do I need 我需要什么呢?

PPT3–Look, I need these things. a pen, some stamps,some writing paper and an envelope. PPT4–Now, look, writing paper means 信纸let’s learn(播放录音两遍)

( 播放录音), pay attaton, we don’t say a writing paper, we say some writing paper. PPT5–an envelope means信封,let’s learn(播放录音两遍) pay attaton to ―an‖

Step 2 Presentation (约3分钟)

T—Please look at my mouth and say after me.(卡片) Now, Liu Tao wants to write a letter. Who does he want to write to?他想写信给谁。Let’s watch.


PPT7–Can you answer- Who does Liu Tao want to write to ? Yes, he wants to write to Peter. PPT8–Look, here’re five sentences. 读一遍

1. Liu Tao read about Peter in the magazine.( )

2. Peter lives in London. ( )

3. Peter is the only child in his family. ( )

4. Peter has two hobbies. ( )

5. Liu Tao has an e-mail address. ( )

Are they true or false, let’s watch the cartoon again.



PPT10–Now, let’s judge. 读题F,T,F,T,F, you see e-mail address means 电子邮件地址。Let’s read.(播放点及)

T-Good. Now, let’s read the text.下面让我们来朗读课文。请同学们将书翻至54和56页,first, let’s follow the tape, 首先让我们跟录音朗读,仔细听,注意模仿语音语调。 PPT11-14—Are you ready? Let’s start.

T---Now, can you read by yourselves.现在同学们可以在小组内分角色读,比比谁读得好。

Step 3 Fill and talk



PPT15--let’s check.

T---现在你能根据刚才的表格组织话语和同桌谈论以下peter吗?先看两位同学的示范。 (杨和陈)

杨—Hi! Chen. Do you know Liu Tao has a new penfriend?

陈—Really? What’s his name?

杨—He’s Peter.

陈—Where does he live?

杨—He lives in London.

陈—What are his hobbies?

杨—He likes listening to music and making model planes.

陈— Is he the only child in his family?

杨—No, he has a brother and a sister.

陈—Oh, I see. He and Liu Tao have the same hobbies. I think they will

be good friends.

lso tell him about my new house and my e-mail address.



Step 4 Sum up (总结)



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