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一 词汇

1 看图写单词.(5分)

2 判断下列句子中划线部分单词属于哪一类,将字母标号填入题前括号内.(5分)

A 季节 B动作 C情感 D衣服 E 时间 F实物

( ( ( ( ( 二 单项选择,将正确答案的序号填入题前括号内.(10分)

1 Is birthday in June? ( )

A she B he C me D her

2 your Grandma have a computer?( )

A Is B Does C Do D Are

3 I can in spring. ( )

A make snowman B swim C skate D plant trees

4 When it’s winter in Beijing, it’s in Sydney. ( )

A winter B summer C spring D fall

5 Teachers’ Day is . ( )

A Sept. 10 B Jan. 1 C Mar. 8 D May 1

6 What do you do the weekend? ( )

A on B at C in D and

7 In winter, I can play snow. ( )

A in B with C / D and

8 Winter is beautiful, but it’s too for me. ( )

A warm B hot C cold D cool

9 I am Grandpa an e-card. ( )

A send B sending C make D making

10 It’s so nice to watch the flowers ( )

A grow B grows C growing D grew

三 下面你能看到7组分别被打乱顺序的问句和答句,请你重新搭配一下,把正确答案的字母标号填入题前括号内.(14分)

1 What’s the date? A No, my birthday is in Dec.

2 When is your mother’s birthday? B Spring.

3 Why do you like spring? C I often play the piano. 4 Is your birthday in Feb. too? D It’s June 17. 5 What do you do on the weekend? E I can fly kites.

6 When do you play sports? F Her birthday is in Apr. 7 What’s your favourite season? G At 3:30.

( )1.What’your favourite season? A. Feb.24th.

( )2.When is your grandpa’s birthday? B. I am sending grandma

an e-card.

( )3. Why do you like summer ? C. Beacause I can swim. ( )4. Which season is it ? D. Fall.

( )5. what are you doing? E. Spring is my favourite season.

( )6. What day is it today? F. It’s T nuesday. ( )7. Is her birthday in June? G. Yes, It is.

( ) 8.what is the weather like in fall in biejing? H. I’m very well

( ) 9.what about you ,ZhangPeng? I. Cool and windy

( )10.whose birthday is in June. J. Zhang Peng.

四 题中有5个句子分别描述了一幅图画,请将图片的字母标号填在题前括号内.(10分)

1 In summer, the flowers are beautiful.

2 I can swim in the lake in summer.

3 It’s 3:00, I must play sports.

4 I like winter best, because I can make a snowman.

5 It’s time to eat dinner.

五 看图完成对话.(6分)

1 A What’s your favourite season?


2 A When do you play sports?


3 A When is your birthday?



I am a student .I usually morning exercises at 7:30 .I eat lunch at .12:00 noon .My father, .mother and I often hiking on the birthday is August too .MY father’s birthday is in August ,too .I 1、A does B did C do D /

2 A in B on C / D at

3 A go hike B on C / D at

4 A I B My C / D me

5 A 11 B eleven C eleventh D twelve

6 A mother B mothers C mother’s D mothers

7 A swim B swimming C skating D skate

8 A in B at C on D with

9 A like B likes C liking D is like

10 A make B makes C making D made

七、课文理解,正确写T,错误写F .(5分)

The Trees Are Daydreaming .

Two small young trees are standing on the top of a hill Their names are Elaine

and Tony .

It’s sunny and warm . Some birds .are singing .The wind is blowing a little .and the trees are day dreaming.

“What do you want to be when you grow up ?” Asks Elaine

“I’m not sure, I think I want to be a chair or a table in a living room .”answers Tony .”

“Maybe I want to be a dollhouse or a toy box or baseball bat…I like boys and girls ..

“May be I want to be a fishing boat .I don’t know What do you went to be when you grow up ?”asks Tony .

“Me ?”says Elaine, “I just want to be a tree. I want to be a house for birds and sprders . I want to have many apples and a swing .And when it’s raining, people and animals can stand under me .”.

1 ( ) There are two small young trees in the story

2 ( ) The trees standing on the hill

3 ( ) Elaine wants to be a tree ,when she grows up . he wants to have many trees and a swing .

4 ( ) Tony wants to be a car when he grows up .

5 ( ) The birds are crying in the story .

八 用学过的英文句子介绍你自己,最少写6句.(6分)

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