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No smoking 禁止吸烟 No littering禁止扔杂物 No parking禁止停车

No eating and drinking 禁止吃喝 keep off the grass不接近草坪 Be quiet保持安静 Do not touch不要摸 climb trees爬树

go to the park去公园 go home回家

have an ice cream吃一个冰激凌 have dinner吃饭 watch TV看电视

play computer games 玩电脑游戏 go to bed睡觉

a lot of \ a lot大量的;许多 public signs公共标志 on the wall在墙上

stay away from…远离…… walk on the grass在草地上走 he bird’s cage鸟笼 make noise发出噪音 take a walk散步

a ten-yuan note 一张十元的钞票 look around四周看 pick up捡起

a new student in Ben’s class 本班上的一位新学生

go home together一起回家 after school放学以后 talk about谈论有关…… the third of March三月三日 your birthday你的生日 blow out吹灭

as a birthday present作为生日礼物 birthday cake生日蛋糕

come to my birthday party 来参加我的生日聚会

have a birthday party举办生日聚会

a VCD of Japanese cartoons 一张日本卡通光盘

open the door 开门

make a birthday card 做一张生日贺卡 take off脱下 Sports Day运动日

all the students所有的学生 very exciting非常令人兴奋 look for寻找

a running race一场赛跑 let me see让我看看

a moment ago / just now刚才 on the ground在地上

pick them up for me 帮我把它们捡起来 in front of 在……前面

a pair of glasses一副眼镜(单数) a roll of film一卷胶卷(单数) three diaries三本日记

a pair of earphones一副耳机(单数) listen to music 听音乐 yesterday evening 昨天晚上 under the table在桌子下面 close your eyes 闭上你的眼睛 play a game 玩游戏 National Day(国庆日)

the National Day holiday(国庆假期) last week/ last year上个星期/去年 after the holiday(假期后)

go to school early(很早上学)/ early – late in the school playground(在学校操场上) before class(上课前)/ before – after a funny cartoon (一部有趣的卡通片) visit a farm with my family (和我的家人一起参观农场)

on the farm(在农场里) water trees(浇树)

pull up carrots(拔胡萝卜) milk cows(挤牛奶) collect eggs(收集鸡蛋) fruit trees(果树)

pick a lot of oranges摘许多橘子 taste them(品尝它们) go to the farm(去农场) at the weekends(在周末) watch cartoons(看动画片)

visit the zoo(参观动物园) play volleyball打排球

clean the house(打扫房子)

visit Liu Tao’s grandparents拜访刘涛的祖父 a camping trip(野营旅行) at a camp(在一个营地上)

cook a lot of food(做许多食物) play a lot of games(玩许多游戏) go camping(去野营)

have a good time(玩得很高兴) come after 在……之后到来 New Year's Day 元旦

on New Year's Day 在元旦 at Christmas 在圣诞节 go to parties 去参加聚会

have a big lunch 吃一顿丰盛的午餐 at Spring Festival 在春节

What do people usually do at Spring Festival? 人们通常在春节干什么?

visit their relatives and friends 拜访他们的亲戚和朋友

eat lots of delicious food吃许多美味的食物 last Spring Festival 上个春节 of course 当然

my favourite holiday 我最喜爱的节日 in October 在十月

dress up in costumes 用戏服装扮 last Halloween 去年万圣节 eat moon cakes 吃月饼 play with lanterns 玩灯笼 watch the moon赏月

on different holidays 在不同的节日 last year 去年

at Easter 在复活节 listen to him 听他讲 in the grass 在草丛中

a popular holiday 一个受人喜爱的节日 in China 在中国

in January or February 在一月或二月 eat rice dumplings 吃粽子

like to play with lanterns喜欢玩灯笼 eat chocolate eggs 吃巧克力蛋

make pumpkin lanterns制作南瓜灯笼

give presents to your friends 把礼物给你的

go to Beijing 去北京 this afternoon 今天下午 play with balloons 玩气球 sing and dance唱歌跳舞

meet Helen in the playground 在操场上遇见海伦

visit a farm with my parents 和我的父母亲一起参观农场

play with friends 和朋友玩

watch the dragon boat races 观看龙舟比赛 on Christmas Day 在圣诞日 Jim's family 吉姆一家人

in his grandparent's house在他爷爷奶奶的房子里

Christmas trees 圣诞树

the presents under the Christmas tree 在圣诞树下的礼物 so many 这么多

from grandmother 来自祖母 open it for me 为我打开它 like drinking tea 喜欢喝茶 Christmas presents 圣诞礼物 at Jim's house 在吉姆家

draw and write in the diary 在日记上画和写 go to the supermarket 去超市

sit at the back of the bus 坐在公共汽车的后面

get off 下车

the seat in front of me 在我前面的座位 the woman beside him 在他旁边的妇女 walk to the driver 走向驾驶员 after lunch 午餐后

You are welcome. 不用谢 write his diary 写他的日记 under the seat 在座位下面 open the presents 打开礼物

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