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英 语 乐 园


听力部分(每小题听两遍) 一、选出你在句中听到单词或短语。 ( )1. A. nine B. by C. bike

( )2. A. accountant B. actress C. actor

( )3. A. light B. right C. write ( )4. A. I often go by bus. B. I like diving.

C. He likes diving.

( )5. A. 3rd floor B. 1st floor C. 5th floor 二、给你所听句子选择恰当的答语。

( )1. A. She is a singer. B. He is a cleaner.

C. I am a writer.

( )2. A. He likes riding a bike. B. She likes riding a bike.

C. I like riding a bike.

( )3. A. Happy birthday. B. It’s in 1996.

C. It’s in May.

( )4. A. She works in a school.

B. She works in a hospital.

C. She works in a police station.

( )5. A. Yes,I am. B. Yes,I do. C. Yes,I can.

三、听录音, 排顺序。

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


( )1. The sun shines, the rain falls down into a lake.

( )2. The water can become vapour.

( )3. The cloud comes from the vapour.

( )4. The rain comes from the clouds.

( )5.When the sun shines, the rain is falling down.笔试部分


5. b_____


( ) 1. A. actor B. father C. teacher D. cleaner

( ) 2. A. cloud B. rain C. sun D. seed

( ) 3. A. classroom B. bookstore C. superman D. shoe store

( ) 4. A. bus B. foot C. plane D. subway

( ) 5. A. east B. west C. straight D. south


1. A. plane B. train

2. A. traffic lights B. traffic rule

3. A. policeman B. engineer

4. A. ride a bike B. play the violin

5. A. post office B. bookstore


( ) 1. ________ at a green light.

A. Stop B. Wait C. Go

( ) 2.---When are you going? ---_________

A. I’m going on foot. B. I’m going at 7:30.

C. I’m going to school.

( ) 3.---Does she watch TV at night? ---_________

A. Yes, she do. B. Yes, she does. C. No, he doesn’t.

( ) 4. Mary’s uncle is _____ doctor, her aunt is ______ artist.

A. a , an, B. a, a C an, a

( )5.---Where does the rain come from? ---___________

A. It comes from the clouds.

B. It comes from the vapour.

C. It comes from the water in the river.

( )6. Tom’s mother teaches English. What does his mother do?

A. She is a policewoman. B. She is a teacher.

C. She goes to work by car.

( )7. ---What is your hobby?---__________

A. I like making kites. B. She goes to work by bus.

C. Next to the hospital.

( )8. ---What are you going to do this afternoon? ---________

A. Yes, he does. B. I am going to play football.

C. He likes collecting stamps.

( )9. ---Does your pen pal live in Shanghai? ---___________

A. I like diving. B. He is tall and strong.

C. Yes, he does.

( )10. ---Where are you going this afternoon?---___________

A. Next to the shoe store.

B. I’m going to the bookstore.

C. He is going to visit grandparents.


1. different(反义词) ___________ 2. let’s(完整形式)________

3. no(同音词 4. make(ing形式5. touch(第三人称单数反义词

7.I’ll(完整形式 8.five(序数词9. you are (缩略形式 10. right(对应词


1. do How you to go school ( ? )

2. come the Where from rain does ( ? )

3. to get can the I nature How park ( ? )

4. at cinema Turn the left ( . )

5. then What do you should ( ? )


( )1.When are you going? A. Good idea.

( )2.How many traffic lights? B.You’re welcome.

( )3.Let’s go to the park. C. Three.

( )4.Thank you. D. No,it’s near.

( )5.Is it far from here? E. I’m going at 5 o’clock. 十二、阅读理解。

Dear Mummy:

How are you? I am fine at school. Tomorrow is National Day. We don’t have to go to school. I am going to take a trip with my friends in the morning. I am going to Zhongshan Park. I am going there by bike. It’s near our school. In the afternoon, I going to the bookstore and buy some new books. In the evening, I am going to watch TV. What are you going to do tomorrow? Can you tell me? Your son, Tom 阅读上面的电子邮件,选择最恰当的一项。

( )1. What’s the date tomorrow?

A. Oct. 1st. B. Nov. 1st.

( )2. Where is Tom going on National Day morning?

A. The bookstore B. Zhongshan Park

( )3. How does Tom going to the park?

A. Ride a bike. B. On foot.

( )4. Is the park far from Tom’s school?

A. Yes,it is. B. No, it isn’t.

( )5. What is Tom going to do in the bookstore?

A. Buy some new books.

B. Take a trip.


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