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最新四年级英语pep Unit 6 Meet my family

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Unit 6 Meet my family







['sist?] 姐妹


father 爸爸

妈妈 mother


grandmother 祖母, 外祖母

祖父, 外祖父

How many books do you have?

How many pens do you have? I have .

I have .

-How many pencils? -Eight.

-How many pears? -Three.

-How many balls? -Nine.


-How many bags are there in the picture? -Four.

-How many cats are there in the box? -One.

-How many owls are there in the picture? -Two.

How many people are there in their family? Who are they?

How many people are there? Five. Who are they? Dad, mom , sister, a little puppy and Xiaoxin.


Who are they?
They are Amy’s parents.

My uncle is my father’s or mother’s brother.

My aunt is my father’s or mother’s sister.

['f? mili]


Talk about your family

This is … He / She is …

我用am,你用are, is连着他,她,它。 单数名词用is, 复数名词全用are。

I ( ) a boy.

You ( ) a teacher.
She ( ) a student(学生). It ( ) a cat.

We ( ) girls.
You ( ) teachers.

They ( ) students.

How many people are there in your family? 有几个人? Five. 有五人。

A:How many people are there in your family B: Three. A: Who are they ? B: My parents and me. A: My family has six members . B: Six? A: My dad, my mom, my brother, my sister, my baby brother and me.

你家里有多少人 ?

How many people 人are there in the picture There are … .

How many … are there in the picture?

How many …are there in the zoo?

How many flowers are there near the tree?

There are … .

1. My father and mother are my________. parents 2. My grandfather and grandmother are my ______________ grandparents .

3. My parents’ parents are my grandparents ____________. 4. My father’s father is my grandfather ___________. 5. My father’s mother is my grandmother . ____________

6. My father’s brother is my______. uncle 7. My father’s sister is my ______ aunt . 8. My mother’s brother is my ______. uncle

9. My mother’s sister is my aunt _____. 10. My mother’s father is my grandfather __________. 11. My mother’s mother is my grandmother . ____________

uncle mother baby brother me father aunt grandpa brother grandma sisiter



I love my family

Hello, everyone. I am Sarah. Come and meet my family! My family has 3 members, my father, my mother and me. My father is a farmer. He is strong. He likes music. My mother is doctor. She has long hair. I am student. I am short. I like computer game. I love/ like my family.

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