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M1U2My way to school 1

班级:______ 姓名:________ 学号:________

一、 听录音选出听到的内容。

( ) 1. A. /biɡ/ B. /beg/ C. /b?d/

( )2. A. /l?v/ B. /l i?v/ C. /li?f/

( ) 3. A. / 'men?/ B./ 'sek(?)nd/ C. / 't?ks?/

( ) 4.A. leaf B. live C. leave

( ) 5. A. train B. rain C. wait

( ) 6. A. bring B. green C. grey

( ) 7. A.work B.weak C. walk

( ) 8. A. make a cake B. bake a cake C. take a cake

( ) 9. A. walk on the pavement B. wait on the pavement

C. wait for the red light

( ) 10. A. on the second of November B. on the third of December

C. on the third of September

二、 选择配对。




( ) 1. No smoking.

( ) 2. Don’t ride a bicycle here.

( ) 3. You can’t eat or drink here.

( ) 4. Buses can’t go this way.

( ) 5. Wait for the green light.

( ) 6. Don’t take pictures.

( ) 7. You can’t turn left.

( ) 8. Don’t run.

M1U2 My way to school 2

班级:______ 姓名:________ 学号:________


( ) 1. A. At eight o’clock. B. On weekdays. C. On foot.

( ) 2. A. Yes, he has. B. No, he isn’t. C. Yes, he does.

( ) 3. A. I can’t hear him. B. I’m sorry. C. We’re sorry, Miss Fang.

( ) 4. A. Peter has got some paper. B. They’ve got some paper.

C. Danny has got some paper.

( ) 5. A. At zebra crossing. B. On the pavement. C. On the road.


( ) 1. John can _____________ well. He is a good ______________.

A. cooks, cook B. cook, cooker C. cook, cook

( ) 2. _____________ can I go to Shanghai Library?.

A. What B. How C. When

( )3. We have the first lesson ___________ eight forty __________ nine fifteen.

A. at, to B. at, of C. from, to

( )4. May is the ____________ month of a year..

A. third B. fourth C. fifth

( )5. Let’s go ______________ a picnic.

A. to B. for C. Have

( )6. This is ______________ classroom.

A. Eddie and Danny’s B. Eddie’s and Danny’s C. Eddie and Danny

( )7. Can you play _________ violin? No, but I can play _________ football well.

A. /, the B. the, / C. /, /

( )8. Her birthday is _____________ the third _____________ November.

A. on, on B. in, of C. on, of

( )9. Danny _________ his bike to school every day.

A. rides B. drives C. takes

( )8. “Exit” means _____________ .

A. Go out this way B. Here’s the station C. Open the door

( )9. A zoo-keeper is the one who ____________ animals.

A. has B. eats C. feeds

M1U2 My way to school 3

班级:______ 姓名:________ 学号:________


( ) 1. A. By bus. B. By taxi. C. By underground.

( ) 2. A. She’s a shop assistant. B. She’s a nurse. C. She’s a doctor.

( ) 3. A. The thirtieth of September. B. The thirty-first of October.

C. The first of October.

( ) 4. A. They’re at school. B. They’re in the street.

C. They’re in the park.

( ) 5. A. They can’t cross the road. B. They can cross the road.

C. They can’t wait at the zebra crossing.


1. ____________ (not run) on the road. It’s dangerous.

2. Bill __________ (leave) home at half past seven in the morning.

3. The little girl is afraid of ____________ (swim) in the river.

4. Mr Green often ____________ (get) off the train at Jing’an Temple Station.

5. ___________ (That) lights are bright.

6. It’s 7:00 p.m. The Lis ______________ (have) dinner.

7. How many _______________ (mouse) are there in the hole?

M1U2 My way to school 4

班级:______ 姓名:________ 学号:________


( ) 1. John lives in Pudong.

( ) 2. Lily is in Class Six, Grade five.

( ) 3. John goes to school by subway.

( ) 4. Lily goes to school on foot.

( ) 5. Lily and John are good friends and they study in the same class.


( ( ( ( (

M1U2 My way to school 5

班级:______ 姓名:________ 学号:________


This is Zhongshan Park underground Station. M____________ people are waiting for the t___________. They are going to w____________ by underground. Look! The train is c____________. It is crowded with people now. On the train, some people are r______________ newspapers. Some people are listening to m ______________. Some people are p ______________ video games. They are quiet.


There are four people in the twins’ family. They are the twins, their father and their mother. The twins’ names are Lucy and Lily. They are fourteen. They are in the same class in the No.1 Middle School. They are very good students. They not only work very hard but also sing very well. They want to join the music club. Lucy wants to play the piano. Lily can play the guitar. Their father, Mr King, is a teacher. He teaches English in a school near his home. Their mother, Mrs King, is a teacher, too. She teaches Chinese. Mr and Mrs King are in different schools. But they have the same hobby------play the guitar.

( ) 1. Mr King is a good _____________.

A. driver B. worker C. teacher

( ) 2. Mrs King is a _____________.

A. math teacher B. Chinese teacher C. English teacher

( )3. The twins’ parents work___________.

A. in the same school B. in different schools C. in an English school

( )4. The twins are in the ____________ Middle School.

A. No.5 B.No.1 C. No.4


1. You are a bad boy! 2. We live in Shanghai. 3. There are many traffic lights in the streets. 4. Don’t leave rubbish! 5. They are waiting for the train. 6. Look! There’s the green man. 7. Walk quickly, but don’t run on the road. 8. Can you make a cake? 9. We wait on the pavement for the green light. 10. My birthday is on the third of September.

(C A A C A B C A B C)

M1U2 (2)

1. How do you come to school every day? 2.Has your brother got a

digital camera? 3. Don’t make a noise in the classroom, Alice and Ben.

4. What have Peter and Danny got? 5. Where do you cross the road?

(C A C B A)


1. W: Peter, where do you want to go?

M: I want to go to Zhongshan Park, Wendy.

W: How do you go there?

M: By underground.

Q: How does Peter go to Zhongshan Park?

2. M: Betty, my aunt is a shop assistant. What’s your aunt?

W: She’s a nurse, Ben.

Q: What does Betty’s aunt do?

3. M: Today is the thirtieth of October.

W: Oh, tomorrow is my birthday.

M: Happy birthday, Kitty!

W: Thank you..

Q: When is Kitty’s birthday?

4. W: Hey, guy. You can’t play football here. There’s a lot of traffic.

M: I’m sorry, madam.

W: That’s all right. You can go and play in the park over there.

Q: Where are the boy and the woman?

5. W: Look, Tom! There’s the red man. Don’t cross the road.

M: All right, Mary.

Q: What can’t Tom and Mary do?

(C B B B A)


Lily lives in Pudong. John lives in Puxi. They are both eleven years old. They study in Green Primary School in Pudong. Lily is in Class Two, Grade Five. John is in Class Six, Grade Five. Every morning Lily walks to school because her home is near school. John takes Underground Line 2 to school. It is convenient. They study in different classes but they are good friends

(F F T T F)

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