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1.Mom: Amy, look at that dress. It’s _____________. Amy: Yes, it is. It’s very _________.

.Assistant: Can I help you?

Mom: Yes. _____ ______ is this dress?

Assistant: ______ nitety-nine yuan.

.Mom: Oh, that’s expensive.

Amy: I like it. Mom.

Mom: Sorry,Amy.It’s too ______________.

2.Assistant: ________ ___ ______ _______? Mom: Yes, please. A pair of sneakers for my son. Assistant: What size?

Mom:_________ five.

Assistant: ________ _________ this pair? Mom: Are they _______, John?

John: Yes, Mom. I _______ them.

Mom: Are they ____ _________?

John: Yes, they are.

Mom: How much _____ ________?

Assistant: They’re thirty-five yuan.

Mom: OK. We’ll _______ them.

3.Mike: Oh, this farm is so big.Are they sheep? Farmer: No, ________ ________.They’re goats.

4.John: ______ _______ cows do you have? Farmer: One hundred.

5.Sarah: _____ ______ tomatoes?

Farmer: Yes, they are..

Mike: ______ _______ _______?

Farmer: They’re carrots.

Look! This is my farm. I have some potatoes.... Mike: Your farm is ____________.

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