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演示文稿 现在在进行时1

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他正在干什么? What is he doing?

He is crying

A bird is flying in the sky.

Listen! The bird is sing ing.

现在进行时态表示现在 (说话瞬间)正在进行或发生的动作。
标志词:now现在, listen听 ,look看,等。

What’s the structure of the present continuous tense?

(助动词)be + (现在分词)V-ing 助动词be随人称变为 is, am, are

I am running


Look, he is drawing .

They are dance ing


The boy is swimming now.

一般在动词 原形后+ing 以不发音的e 结尾的,去e, +ing 重读闭音节 以一个辅音 字母结尾的, 双写这一字 母+ing do draw write have dance get run swim put doing drawing writing having dancing getting running swimming putting

Do you know how to get “ ---ing ” ? Let’s try !

ing draw ______

paint______ ing

ing ing clean ______ jump______

eat_______ play________ ing ing
danc_____ ing writ________ e e ing ning ming run ______ swim _______

is opening 1.The child __________the windows now.(open) 2.The boy _________ is drawing a picture now.(draw) 3.Look! She __________ is reading a book.(read) 4.I ___________an am writing e-mail to my pen pal now.(write) 5.You ________ are doing your homework at home now.(do) 6.We ___________ are running at school now.(run) are watching TV now.(watch) 7.They ____________

肯定句式:主语+be( am, is, are)+现在分词+ 其它. 否定句式:主语+be(am, is, are) +not +现在 分词+其它. 一般疑问句:Be(am, is, are) +主语+现在分 词+其它?

肯定句:主语+be +现在分词+(其它)

现在进行时 的 句子结构:

如: She is crying. 她正在哭。 He is sleep. 他正在睡觉。 They are talking. 他们正在讨论。 I am eating hamburger. 我正在吃汉堡包.

What are you doing?

I am reading a book. I’m not writing.

What are they doing?
They are playing basketball. They aren’t playing soccer.


Is she crying?她正在哭吗? Is he sleeping?他正在睡觉吗? Are you eating hamburger? 你正在吃汉堡包吗?

1.我正在跳. 2.你们现在没有说话。 3.她正在唱歌吗?是的。
I am jumping .
You are not speaking.

Is she singing now?
Yes,she is.

Let’s play a game:

Are they + v-ing…? Is it/he/she + v-ing…?

What are they doing now?

Are they dancing?
Yes, they are. NO, they aren’t.

What is the cat doing?

Is it eating something?
Yes, it is.
No, it isn’t.

What’s she doing? Is she eating rice?
Yes, she is. No, she isn’t.

What are they doing? Are they watching TV?

Is the pig walking/running/… ?
Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.

Is he … ?
Yes, he is. No, he isn’t.

Is he … ?
Yes, he is. No, he isn’t.

现在进行时的定义: 表示现在正在进行的动作. 现在进行时的构成: Be +Ving

现在进行时的句子形式: 主语+


1.这个婴儿正在哭。The baby is __.(cry) 2看,那个男孩正在写字。That boy is___. 3.听!有人在唱歌 Listen! Someone is _. 4.Sally 正在跳舞。Sally is____. 5 YOYO 是正在睡觉? IS YOYO_____?(sleep) 6----Are the students_______(read) English. ----Yes,they are.

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