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unit1 my classroom

1. what’s in the classroom? 教室里有什么?

a board, two lights, many desks and chair. 一个写字板, 两盏灯, 许多桌子和椅子。

2. we have a new classroom.. 我们有一个新教室。

3. this is zhang peng, our new classmate. 这是我们的新同学张鹏。

4. where’s my seat? it’s near the door. 我的座位在哪? 在门旁边。

5. let’s clean the classroom. good idea. 我们一起打扫教室。好主意。

6. let’s clean the desks and chairs. all right! 我们来擦桌椅吧。好的。






E. this is my new chair. this is john, our new classmate. it’s near the door. it’s nice. ready? let’s go and have a look.

chen jie: hello, zhang peng. ________________________________

zhang peng: hello, john. we have a new classroom.

chen jie: _________________________________

john: wow! it’s so big.

chen jie: i have a new desk.

zhang peng: ___________________________

john: look at the picture,

chen jie: _____________________________

john: where’s my seat?

zhang peng: ______________________________

unit2 my schoolbag


2. what’s in your schoolbag? a pencil-case and many books. 你的书包里有什么? 一个铅笔盒和许多书。 how many books do you have? i have 6. an english book, a chinese book, a math book, a notebook and two story-books. 你有多少本书? 我有六本。 一本英语书,一本语文书, 一本数学书,一本笔记本和两本故事书。





7. what colour is it? it’s black and white. 它是什么颜色的? 它是黑白相间的。 may i have a look? sure. here you are. 我可以看一下吗?可以,给你。 how many english books can you see? i can see 30. 你看见多少本英语书? 我看见30本。 my schoolbag is heavy. what’s in it? 我的书包很重,里面有什么? what’s in your pencil-case? a pen, three pencils and an eraser. 你的铅笔盒里有什么? 一支钢笔,三支铅笔和一块橡皮。



a: what colour is your schoolbag?

b: what’s in it?

c: may i have a look?

d: thank you.

e: what’s your name?

a: hello, _________________________

b: my name is chen jie.

a: __________________________

b: it’s black and white.

a: _________________________

b: 12 story-books.

a: ____________________________

b: sure. here you are.

a: ________________________

b: you are welcome.

unit3 my friends











11. who’s your best friend? she’s amy. 谁是你最好的朋友? 她是艾米。 he has short hair/ small eyes/ a big mouth. 他有一头短发;他有一双小眼睛;他有一个大嘴巴。 she has long hair/ big eyes/ a small nose. 她有一头长发;她有一双大眼睛;她有一个小嘴巴。 he is thin/ strong/ quiet. 他很瘦;他很强壮;他很文静。 who’s he? 他是谁? i have a new friend. 我有一个新朋友。 we are good friends. 我们是好朋友。 what’s his name? his name is zhang peng. 他叫什么名字? 他叫张鹏。 what’s her name? her name is amy. 她叫什么名字? 她叫艾米。 my friend likes music. 我的朋友喜欢音乐。 let’s make friends. 我们做朋友吧。


a. and he is strong, too.

b. we have a new teacher.

c. what’s his name?

d. look, this is his photo.

e. sure. here you are.

john: hello. bai ling. _____________________________ bai ling: an english teacher?

john: yes. you’re right.

bai ling: __________________________

john: his name is mr. black. _____________________ bai ling: may i have a look?


john: ________________________

bai ling: he’s tall.

john: ___________________

unit4 my home

1. this is my home. you can see a bedroom, a living room, a study, a kitchen

and a bathroom. 这是我家。 你可以看见一间卧室,一间起居室,一间书房,一间厨房和一间卫生间。


3. there is a sofa, a tv, a phone and a table in the living room. 客厅里有一个沙发,一台电视,一部电话和一张餐桌。 where’s the pen? is it in the pencil-case? no, it isn’t. is it on the desk?

yes, it is.


4. where are the keys? are they on the table? no, they aren’t.

are they in the door? yes, they are. 那串钥匙在哪? 它们在餐桌上吗? 5.不,它们不在。它们在门里吗? 是的,它们在。



7. welcome to my school. 欢迎来到我们学校。 is this your bedroom? yes, its is. 这是你的卧室吗? 是的,它是。 what can you see in my room? i can see a bed, a desk and chair.

在我的卧室里你看见什么了? 我看见一张床,一张书桌和一张椅子。






E. do you like your classroom? what are they? no, i don’t. how many rooms do you have in your school? yes, it is.

a: welcome to my school.

b: oh, it’s very nice and big. _________________ a: we have twenty rooms.

b: _________________________

a: a computer room, a library(图书馆), a music room(音乐室), an art room(绘画室)and sixteen classrooms. b: is this your classroom?

a: ________________

b: do you have a computer in it?

a: ________________________

b: _________________________

a: yes, i do.

unit5 what would you like?

1. what would you like for breakfast? i’d like some bread and milk.

早餐你想吃点什么? 我想吃些面包和牛奶。


2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

what would you like for lunch? i’d like some fish and vegetables. 午餐你想吃点什么? 我想吃些雨和蔬菜。 what would you like for dinner? i’d like some beef and soup. 晚餐你想吃些什么? 我想吃些牛肉和汤。 can i have some noodles, please? sure. here you are. 我能吃些面条吗? 当然,给你。 what’s for dinner? wait and see. 今晚吃什么? 等一下就知道了。 everything’s ready. thank you. 东西都准备好了。谢谢。 can i help you? yes, please. 需要帮忙吗?是的。 i can use the chopsticks. 我会使用筷子。 let me show you. 我做给你看。 let me try. 让我试一下。 help yourself. 请随便吃。 we had a good time. 我们玩得很开心。 see you tomorrow. 明天见。 4

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