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M1 导学案

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M1 U1 Don’t touch the machines, please!

词:1. machine

2. sir 3. potato 4. glasses 5. anything 6. wait 7. duck 8. grass 9. silence

组:1. 把……放在……里 put…in

2. 一袋薯片 a bag of crisps 3. 践踏草坪 walk on the grass

句:1. 请不要碰机器 Don’t touch the machines, please.

2. 请戴上眼镜 Wear these glasses, please. 3. 什么都不要碰 Don’t touch anything. 4. 写在书上 Write in the book(s). 祈使句:

Wear your hat!

Wear these glasses, please! Silence!

Let’s make an English newspaper.


1、don’t (完形 2、glass(复数) 3、potato(复数 4、wash(第三人称单数

5、does, machines, do, what, the,sir ______________________________ 6、all, can, a bag of, you, have, crisps ______________________________

Don’t touch the machines, please!

And don’t touch anything! Don’t feed the ducks! Don’t walk on the grass! Don’t play ball games here! Don’t write in the books. Don’t tell lies.

go -----write -----run -----read -----come -----have -----are -----wentwroteranreadcamehadwere



sir 先生 ( ) 1. Don’t ______ the machines, please!

A. touch B. touched C. touching glasses 眼镜(复数)

) 2. What _____ this machine do, sir? (

A. do B. doing C. does potato 土豆

( ) 3. _____ is a factory. anything 任何东西(不定代词)

A. this B. these C. This

( ) 4. _____ machines make crisps.

A. These B. This C. these ( ) 5. _____ does this machine do, sir?

It washes the potatoes. A. When B. Where C. What


1. Don’t _____ ( touch touches touched) the

machine. 2. Wear these _____ (glass grass glasses).

3. This machine ____ (cut cuts cutting) the _____ (potatoes potatos potato).

4. This computer is good _____ (for of to)

computer games.

5. It ____ (has is have) got a big screen.

6. It costs____ (one thousand and eight hundred one Ask and answer:

1. What does this machine do ? thousand eight hundred) yuan.

2. Can they touch machines? Why ?

3. Can they have a bag of crisps ? Why ?

7. The boy ran ____ (to for of) the village. But the people didn’t _____ (run ran runs) to the field.

8. --What _____ (do does did) this machine do, sir?

--It washes the potatoes. 9. Once upon a time, there__ (was is were) a boy. He

looked ____ (after like for) sheep. 10. My dad played ____ ( the an a) erhu in the


11. Erhu is a ___ (chinese Chinese China) instrument.

12. An erhu looks ____ (like after for) a violin. A pipa looks like a ____ (guitar erhu violin).

13. Do you want____ (to for of) listen to Chinese music?


14. -- ____ (when When What) did he go there? 1. Silence! = Don’t ____!

-- He went there last year. 2. Sit down! = Don’t ________!

15. -- What are you doing? 3. Stand up! = Don’t ________!

4. Close the book! = Don’t _____________! -- We’re ____ (having haveing have) a

party. 5. Open the window! = Don’t _____________!

16. Ms Smart and my mother are ____ (claping

clapping claps).


17. Daming is writing a message___ (for of to) his mother.

18. You are so special. Thank you ___ (for of to) everything.

19. The mother kangaroo has a special bag __(for of to)her baby.

20. ____(are Are is) you painting a picture on this special day?

21. I will ____ (draws draw) the pictures.

22. Let’s____ (make makes making) an English newspaper.

23. It can ____ (is be are) about our school.

24. We will___ (are be is) there___ (at in of) ten o’clock.

25. I’ll write the reports. I am good___ (at for of) English.

26. --___ (will Will) you stick the newspaper together, Lingling? -- Yes, I will.

27. Our English newspaper ___ (is are am) fantastic.

28. --___ (what What where)will you do tomorrow?

--I’ll phone my granddad.

29. The earth is near ___ (to of for) the sun. 30. This planet is far ___ (form from for) the sun. 31. New York is ___ (in to on) the east of America. 32. Los Angeles is ___ (in to on) the west of America.

33. --Does he ___ (lives live living) in Los Angeles?

--No, he doesn’t.

34. I want __ (to / for) go to America one day.

35. The capital of America is ____ (New York Los Angeles Washington, D.C.)

36. Canada is ___(to in on)the north of America. 37. Mexico is to the ___ (east west south) of America.

38. --Where is Beijing?

--Beijing is __ (to in of) the north of Zhengzhou.

39. Here is a map ___ (of for to) Australia. 40. --Why do you love kangaroos and koalas?

--_____ (because Because /) they are very cute.

41. --Why do you like Australia?

--Because I love ____ (Australia Australian australian) animals.

42. Kangaroos ____ (live lives living) in Australia. 43. Kangaroos eat grass and ___ (leafs leaves leaf).

44. Fish live in the river and birds live ___ (in on of) the tree.

45. --What are you going to __ (do does did) this summer?

--I __ (am are is) going to go back to England. 46. Maybe I’ll visit my___( granddad granddad’s grandpa) farm.

47. I’ll send you a postcard____ (from form to) China.

48. --___ (where Where What) will she go? --She will go to Australia.

49. I am going to ___ (go goes went) to London. 50. You can also see kangaroos in zoos ___ (in at on) China.

51. We are going to eat in an ____ (English England) restaurant.

English food is very nice.

52. --Where ___ (is does did) she going to go this summer?

--She is going to go to Qingdao.


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